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Over the last few weeks, there's been a huge surge in comments and diaries predicting imminent doom for President Obama. Some of it is from our own side in despair over the President's lackluster debate performance, but I'm convinced that the lot of it is from conservatives trying to hijack the Democratic messaging. It's one big game of trolling to try and convince Democrats that Romney will win the election.

And you know what?

It's all bullshit.

We've known for four years that this kind of stuff was coming. We're in the homestretch with less than a month to go, and all the dormant accounts and trolls laying low are suddenly springing up to try like hell and form a narrative that Obama will lose the election.

The point is to destroy morale. They want to make us depressed, and they want to convince us that Ryan/Romney will win so that we stop our "futile" GOTV efforts. Their corporate thugs (to turn a phrase around on them) know that their lack of substance won't win them an election, so they've got to play dirty.

Barack Obama will win this election, and they know it. They're trolling Democratic/liberal forums online and trying like hell to sound like defeatist liberals themselves. Control the message. For every "Obama's gonna lose!" diary, write 4 diaries about getting out the vote and how we're going to win in a few weeks. Drown the fuckers out.

They had Citizens United to help them. They have unlimited millions thanks to the Koch Brothers and their corporate thug sponsors. They had 5 years of tea party rage. They had an epic midterm victory. They should be winning this election, but they're not, because they suck, and we don't. They can't handle it, and they're screaming like children. Drown the fuckers out. Let them control neither the message nor the vote.

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