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If you had extra courage Mitt would haul it away for you, maybe.
   Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock are not the exceptions in the Republican party, they are the norm.

    This is the new republican party. The elder statesmen, the voices of reason like Richard Lugar are all gone. All that remains are the total whackadoos, the Akin's, the Mourdock's, the Bachmann's and Paul Broun's. And Mitt Romney doesn't have the guts to stand up to any of them.

    Think women should be forced to have rape babies? It won't cost you Romney's support at all.

    Wanna kill Medicare and Social Security? Hell, Mitt will make you his Vice President!

    More below the fold . . .

Ronald Reagan would be labelled a socialist by this pack of unprincipled extremists. The GOP has moved so far to the right over the last 30 years that Joseph McCarthy would be one of their moderates compared to Alan West or Michele Bachmann.

    All this adds up to an obvious point, Mitt Romney is a coward. Massachusetts once had a Lion in the Senate. Now Massachusetts has a cowardly lion running for President. A coward who will say anything but who will never stand up to the Tea Party extremists on his own side. This is EXACTLY how Mittens will govern as President, he will let a tea party led Congress give him his marching orders, and frankly, if you can't stand up to Richard Mourdock what are you going to do when Vladimir Putin calls your bluff on the world stage? Romney's gonna stand up to Putin? He can't even stand up to the Indiana Tea Party!

   One could make the case for why Romney needs a heart and a brain as well. A strawman with a tin foil hat who is a cowardly lion underneath it all sums up the GOP very well. For all of Willard's etch and sketching towards the center, the reality is simple, Mitt doesn't have the courage to stand up to backwards, anti-science, anti-woman extremists in his own party. This is how Mitt Romney will govern America if he becomes President. Someone who is barely smart enough to hold a pen, someone who will sign whatever the extremist Tea Party Congress will give him per ALEC's orders, and someone who will never stand up to the out of touch retrogrades who have come to dominate the Republican party.

   Get Out The Vote. We simply MUST win this election. A President who dismisses 47% of America and who lacks the courage to stand up to the out of touch extremists on his own side is simply not fit for the office of the Presidency of the United States. Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock aren't the outliers of the GOP/Tea Party, they are the norm, Mitt is the outlier, and not because he doesn't believe the same things Akin and Mourdock do, he's just better at lying out of his face and hiding his true beliefs than the other idiots who dominate the right. This guy simply can NOT become President, and we can turn this election into a disaster for the Republican party on multiple levels, but we are going to have to fight like hell. Our country depends on us.

   Fight like hell. Fight like the future depends on it. If we vote, we win. Now get out the vote like the future of our nation is at stake, because it is.

 Peace and love to all . . .

   The floor is yours.

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