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I've been on the ground in Florida with OFA for the past year.  Look--we're going to win this state!! Check out these numbers from yesterday. This doesn't include the 37- Souls to the Polls events that occurred every major Florida city today!!

Here's a taste from:

"With 1.6m Floridians having voted, Dems cut GOP absentee vote-lead in half in 1st early vote day

In just 12 hours of in-person early voting Saturday, Florida Democrats swamped the polls so heavily that they ran up a more than 39,000-vote margin over Republicans out of the nearly 300,000 votes that were cast at polling stations.

The Democratic vote was so big that it cut a Republican lead, built up during a month's worth of absentee-ballot voting, by about 60 percent. As of Saturday morning, Republicans were ahead of Democrats by nearly 66,000 absentee ballots cast, or 5 percentage points.

Factor in the day's worth of Democratic early voting, and that GOP lead is now just above 26,300, or 1.6 points. Add in Duval, whenever those numbers come in, and the GOP lead should be even smaller."

Here's their preview of today's events.  I can tell you first hand that we far exceeded our wildest expectations all across the State.  
In the Democrats' favor: the eight days of early voting continues today. And It's the only Sunday of early voting, when African-Americans prefer to head to the polls after church for their "Souls to the Polls" rallies. The Legislature, in shortening the Democrat-heavy early voting days, eliminated the Sunday-before-Election Day early voting.

In South Florida, the biggest Souls to the Polls event is being spearheaded by the Rev. Victor Curry, who's the Miami-Dade leader of the National Action Network founded by MSNBC host and Rev. Al Sharpton. Sharpton and Curry led rallies yesterday, and they're doing it again today.

If, and it's an if, the vote is the same today as it was yesterday, there's a good chance Democrats will eliminate the Republican lead in ballots cast entirely. But it's unclear whether yesterday's heavier-than-ever early voting was just a reflection of those who want to vote in person at the first chance they get. Or is it a sign of Democratic momentum? Or is it both?

Folks, don't sweat Florida!!

We absolutely will win this State!!!

More tomorrow.

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