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I was watching the President on MSNBC speaking live to a crowd at Mentor High School in Mentor, Ohio at around 12:25 EST.  Suddenly,  the MSNBC host Alex Witt broke in and said that they would return to the President if there was any new nugget they could glean from his stump speech.  But what she said next was a bit surprising......or not.

She then said that though they had been teasing for a while that they had Romney surrogate former NH Senator/Governor Judd Gregg (and now with Goldman Sachs) lined up and hooked up to speak, Gregg became irritated that he had to wait through Barack Obama's stump speech and DID NOT want to have to listen to the president.  He bolted out of his NH studio and left. A livid Alex Witt then ripped Gregg a new one by saying that if that's the spirit of bipartisanship then that's not a good thing.

"I want to let all of you know that we had teased the fact that we had former Senator and Governor of NH, Judd Gregg, with us. I would like to let you know that he declined to stick around--he was all plugged in & ready to go--but he said he did not want to sit and listen to the President and wait for the duration to come and speak to us. This brings to mind the possibility for me of the spirit of bipartisanship on Capitol Hill when you have those kinds of sentiments being shared."
Nerves are getting very frayed in Romneyland.  The end is near and there's a huge train approaching them that is going to leave them flattened on November 6.  By the way, this is the same Gregg whom the President nominated for Commerce secretary in 2009 but withdrew.  What a complete jerk Judd Gregg is.  And this is one of the Republican's
more "moderate" members.  What hope is there for that sad party? What a pathetic sense of entitlement.  Let's kick their ass.  F**k you Judd Gregg.
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