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The Rasmussen Poll is simply THE most accurate poll since the dawn of time, 6000 years ago.

Better put, there is only one godly figure more worshiped during a Presidential Election than Rasumussen - Rush Limbaugh.

But like God tested Abraham, Rush tested his followers and the limits of prescription drug fraud, so has it come to pass that Rassmussen must test the faith of his dedicated worshippers.

Perhaps, as he gazed down upon his flock, He felt they had grown too proud or too complacent or could it be...too white?  

So, as the Sunday before election day 2012 dawned on the red states of America, The Lord Rasmussen released his poll results:  R:49 O:49 and the ground shook, the rivers rose and the flock fell to their knees screaming, why oh why have you deserted us Rasmussen!


"RAS predicting Romney gets just 87% of Reps is not just incorrect, it's downright flipping delirious on his part.

Who among us knows ANY republican or conservative that is NOT fired up about voting for Romney/Ryan Tuesday?
If we held our nose and voted for McLame 4 years ago, why would less of us support this ticket?
RAS is just wrong."

"Why isn’t Christie doing a press conference today saying that that Romney/Ryan are the ones to save our country?

Traitor, Judas, Turncoat".

"Not really sure I understand what’s going on with Ras’s national polls this last week. He’s basically saying that of the undecideds, O is getting ALL of them plus R losing a point of support. Historically, this makes no sense.

It also makes no sense from the internals, as well as state polling. Which is wrong? It could very well be a tied race, but plenty of times a tied race doesn’t actually turn out to be that close at all."

"Only 87% Repubs going for Romney. Absurd. No way that 13% are going for O or 3rd Party. I can’t imagine that many Repubs out there willing to throw the election to Zero."

"Put it this way, if the race was really tied nationally, O would be up by a small amount in IA, WI, and NH, and up several points in MI and PA. As I understand, the race is deadlocked in those states per Ras, so something is wrong somewhere."

 "What's even more bizarre is that the state polls don't seem to have moved in tandem. Supposedly OH, MI, MN, WI, PA, VA, IA, NH, NC, CO and FL are all within a few points of each other. And yet these state results in 2008 were spread by 14 points (difference between FL and MI) with the rest in between. Not to mention the fact that media polls show FL and NC competitive when it's generally acknowledged that they'll be won by Romney. So is Obama overrepresented in those states in order to make it look competitive? If so, is the reverse true in places like MN, MI and PA (Romney is propped up to fuel the narrative of a close race)? Or can we assume that FL polling is biased toward Obama and thus so are the other states' polls?

If someone can explain this result as anything other than poll manipulation, I'd like to hear it. "

"Ras’ data is a mess and I have zero confidence in it.

The turnout model is already wrong.

And the all-important topline number is O still cannot get to 50% even with polls tilted heavily in the Democrats’ favor.

That’s the only thing you need to know about Tuesday!"

"Ras and other pollsters are basically punting this time around. What with early voting, incredibly low response rates, record low Democrat turnout, and so on, this election is going to be very hard for them to handicap. So they’ll peg it at 50-50 as a shot in the dark. Statistically, 50-50 is also the estimate that gives the highest MOE, all else equal. Thus, it is the safest from a reputation standpoint."

"You summed it up accurately in one sentence.

Forget the debates, forget the polls.. are there enough people left in the country who want the America of our forefathers or are we going to go the way of England and the rest of Europe did decades ago - socialism.

Ten years ago I would have called it a slam dunk for our forefather’s America, but today there is a very good chance the majority want the government to take care of them from cradle to grave.

If this poll is accurate, then Romney loses because of the fraud. These numbers do not reflect the hundreds of thousands of votes that will be cast by democraps using the bogus registrations on voter rolls all across the country, fraudulent registrations placed there by Acorn and other democrap funded groups. If Romney’s lead is actually 3 points, he might squeak through.

A story yesterday about a democrap women bragging that she had already voted 3 times. The are hundreds of thousands of people just like this bitch who have already voted multiple times or will be on Tuesday. There were will many democrap districts in swing states that will report close to a 100 %, and in some cases maybe even higher, turnout.

It will be interesting to see what America does when it wakes up Wed and realizes the election was stolen. Will the GOP actually do something this time, since the future of the country is at stake? Since so many of the bogus votes are on the rolls as “legit” residents it may be hard to prove. They could check census records and match against names on the rolls in that district, or I’m sure any number of ways to illustrate many votes a fraudulent. They will cry about and that is all.

Probably America has been finished for a long time and we just don’t realize it or believe it could be possible. Tuesday should provide the definite answer."

"This was from Michael Barone yesterday... it is on the web and was in a thread on FR yesterday.

Barone said that every pollster that he knows is scared to death that America cannot be polled correctly today. Some fear for their future. Americans are not bound to land lines and so they poll cell phones also but then some of that data is not available. Out of all of the clls that pollsters make... only 9% of the calls that they make are even answered. Of those that do answer, less than seven percent will take the time to answer any polling questions.

He said the polling is missing something that is going on in every place he looks. He said he must rely on all that he has learned over the years and what he knows to be true. He then said he has been in most precincts and counties in the US that set trends and he has met and talked with the people at the local levels in both parties. He has studied their ground games and watched both operations. He extrapolates that up through county and then State and national. He looks at the momentum... where the candidates are campaigning and to who they are campaigning and what they are saying. He says when he does that he comes to a confident conclusion of at least 52-47 300+ EV for Romney.

When pressed for an example of trends not being caught, he pointed to Eastern Ohio and the huge increase in Evangelical and Catholic voters moving firmly to Romney. “They are not looking at them anywhere... they are not polling for them and they are not catching them”."

"Romney may win, but not decisively. That says a lot about the state of the electorate and none of it is good. America is in decline. There is no doubt about that. A failed, divisive, incompetent President like Obama should not be able to pull almost 50% of the vote.”

"Agree that America is (currently) in decline. However, you must also cite the corruption media tail wind that every D receives - millions worth of free TV prop up and emotional support and defense, and in contrast attack and undermining of the R message. How many points is that worth? How much of that bump can be laid at the feet of average Americans? We’re finally beginning to see the reverse of that, with that old media dying - but not yet. That old, dying advantage, though dying out more and more each year, is still worth I think 5 or 10 points easily to the D TOTUS or candidate. So perhaps America is not as far dead, as we think, and is more manipulated and the target of the psychological war of the Rat corrupted media.

Just sayin’..."

"IF Romney loses this, I put 100% of the blame at the feet of Chris Christie."

"America is going to choose Obamacare and slavery to government. Game over. The Republic is doomed. Emperor Palpatin is Obamugabe."

"It all comes down to whether the number of Americans who are informed, self responsible and love this nation can turn out in greater numbers than the Obama base of parasites, socialists, racists, and braindead."

"Did Sandy turn this election from 1980 to 1976?"

"Agreed....that selfish, short sighted walking Jabba the Hut cares more about himself than the future of this country....can you imagine a Democratic governor ever doing what he did?"

"It’s like Clinton wants Hussein to win this thing more than he, himself does.

I guess they don’t know how to get Hillary out of jail without the win.

Thwy’ll have to figure that out. Maybe their Arab buddies will have to come through for them and then we’ll have to go through a 9/11 all over again, just like in 2001, when their friend, the absolute nutcase, Algore was supposed to get in.

Romney, watch out, foreigners in high places are expecting a Dem win.

Read up and put nothing, nothing past these baby killers."

“Totally agree. Christie can kiss his Presidential aspirations goodbye as well

There are a lot of vain voters whom would never vote for Christie due to his weight issues. Sounds horrible, but there is no denying many women will vote for the physically better looking candidate, or Blacks voting for a Black person for no other reason than the color of their skin.
Having said that, some weight loss and a change of Party to Indy could be in Christies future. "

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