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Tomorrow is election day!

8:04 AM PT: Prediction Contest: The Daily Kos Election Nov. 6, 2012 prediction contest is here! Just click on over for full instructions, including links to the contest entry form. (Also, we've finally gotten around to announcing winners from our prior two contests, so check out the post to see if you've won.)

8:07 AM PT: Poll Closing Times: We've dusted off and updated our colorful poll closing times map (with assistance from Faith Gardner and Miles Kurland), amd we've also put together a list of all the key races and arranged them by the hour polls close in each state, so that you'll know when to start looking for returns. You can find all of this at the link, though I'll post the map here as well:

Daily Kos Elections 2012 Poll Closing Times Map
(click for larger version)

8:32 AM PT:AZ-Sen (PPP): Flake (R): 51-46; Romney 53-46

MT-Sen (PPP): Tester (D-inc): 48-46; Romney 52-45

MT-Gov (PPP): Bullock (D)-Hill (R): 48-48

MT-AL (PPP): Daines (R): 48-44

8:35 AM PT:CT-Sen (PPP): Murphy (D): 52-43; Obama 55-42

MA-Sen (PPP): Warren (D): 52-46; Obama 57-42

8:46 AM PT:FL-Sen (Mason-Dixon): Nelson (D-inc): 49-43; Romney 51-45

FL-Sen (Marist): Nelson (D-inc): 52-43; Obama 49-47

8:50 AM PT:NH-Gov (PPP): Hassan (D): 51-47; Obama 50-48

MA-Sen (WNEU): Warren (D): 50-46; Obama 58-40

9:59 AM PT:ME-Sen (Critical Insights): King (I): 49, Summers (R): 33, Dill (D): 11; Obama 49-42

ME-Sen (PPP): King (I): 50, Summers (R): 36, Dill (D): 12; Obama 55-42

ME Ballot (PPP): Same-sex marriage legalization passing 52-45

10:08 AM PT:ME Ballot (Critical Insights): Same-sex marriage legalization passing 55-42

10:10 AM PT: MI Ballot (PPP): Emergency manager law repeal succeeding 45-36; amending state constitution to guarantee collective bargaining rights failing 55-33

10:22 AM PT:MO-Sen (SurveyUSA): McCaskill (D-inc): 51-36; Romney 50-43

MO-Gov (SurveyUSA): Nixon (D-inc): 48-39

10:30 AM PT:MN Ballot (PPP): Constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage failing 52-45; voter ID amendment failing 51-46

10:42 AM PT:MT-Sen (GHY for Majority PAC): Tester (D-inc): 44-43, Dan Cox (L): 6

MT-Sen (Mason-Dixon): Rehberg (R): 49-45, Dan Cox (L): 1

MT-AL (Mason-Dixon): Daines (R): 51-40

10:46 AM PT:NH-Gov (UNH): Hassan (D): 49-40; Obama 50-46

NH-01: Carol Shea-Porter (D): 43, Frank Guinta (R-inc): 43

NH-02: Annie Kuster (D): 47, Charlie Bass (R-inc): 40

10:50 AM PT:NY-24 (Siena): Dan Maffei (R): 44 (43), Ann Marie Buerkle (R-inc): 44 (43), Ursula Rozum (G): 8 (7); Obama 53-42 (55-36).

NY-27 (Siena): Kathy Hochul (D-inc): 47 (47), Chris Collins (R): 48 (47); Romney 55-42 (51-42).

10:53 AM PT: Polltopia: Poor Nate Silver:

As part of his continued effort to torment the 34-year-old statistician and blogger, feared New York Times bully Derek Kriesel reportedly slapped a stack of opinion polls from Nate Silver's hands Friday, scattering the surveys across the floor of the organization's newsroom. "Pick them up, you little fuckin' dweeb," said Kriesel, who eyewitnesses confirmed kicked the papers down the hallway before Silver could gather them up. "Hey, Silverdork, I got a poll for you. It says there's a 90 percent chance that I'm going to beat the shit out of you, what do you think of that?" At press time, sources said Silver was hiding in a supply closet and analyzing the latest electoral data as a menacing voice from across the hall called out, "Oh, Silver! Where are you, Silver?"

11:01 AM PT:OH-Sen (Marist): Brown (D-inc): 50-45; Obama 51-45

OH-Sen (Univ. of Cincinnati): Brown (D-inc): 51-47; Obama 50-49

OH-Sen (Columbus Dispatch): Brown (D-inc): 51-45; Obama 50-48

OH-Sen (PPP): Brown (D-inc): 52-42; Obama 52-47

PA-Sen (PPP): Casey (D-inc): 52-44; Obama 52-46

11:07 AM PT:VA-Sen (PPP): Kaine (D): 52-46; Obama 51-47

WA-Gov (PPP): Inslee (D): 50-48; Obama 53-46

WA Ballot (PPP): Same-sex marriage legalization passing 52-42

WI-Sen (PPP): Baldwin (D): 51-48; Obama 51-48

11:16 AM PT: UT-04 (Dan Jones): Jim Matheson (D-inc): 43 (43), Mia Love (R): 48 (49)

11:29 AM PT: NM-Sen (POS for Wilson): Martin Heinrich (D): 46 (43), Heather Wilson (R): 46 (44), Jon Barrie (IAP): 3 (6); Obama 49-41 (47-42)

11:32 AM PT: IL-Sen: GOP Sen. Mark Kirk just gave his first interview and made his first public appearance since suffering a debilitating stroke in January. Kirk even climbed 37 stories at Chicago's Willis Tower (the building formerly known as the Sears Tower). It sounds like Kirk is aiming to be back in D.C. when the next Congress convenes in January.

11:52 AM PT: Ballot Measures & State Legislatures: Downballot elections are our stock-in-trade here at Daily Kos Elections, and we never hesitate to wade deep into the weeds. So check out David Jarman's excellent state-by-state preview of the most important ballot measures nationwide, as well as which state legislatures could see a change in party control.

12:33 PM PT: The Live Digest continues here.

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