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After all the whining by Republicans about Obama's made up apology tour to the world they really need to have a rethink if they ever want to be competitive again.

They need to apologize to women for all the shit they have stirred by the utter stupidity coming from their mouths. This cost them the senate and the presidency.

They need to apologize to all people of color for their obvious race baiting, otherwise they will can never hope to win again.

They need to apologize to the gay community for the lies they have spread whilst cowering behind their religion.

They need to apologize to the mythical 47% for their elitist bullshit and stop calling half of Americans needy.

They need to apologize for not even trying to govern for the last two years. If the House continues to be Tea Party sounding board; they will lose the House in two years time and may even hand a super-majority to the Democratic Party in the Senate.

Every conservative pundit that says "we were not conservative enough" should be sent to Lindsey Graham's office to receive a slap.

There are not enough angry white men left, have you got that? However there are plenty of young women to keep you out of office for the foreseeable future.


Stop being the sexists last refuge.

Stop being the bigots go to party.

Stop being the anti-science brigade

Stop as Lewis Black would say, being the ball washers for the elite.

Stop mocking the rest of the world by an outdated foreign policy.

Join the 21st Century.

Otherwise this election will seem like a victory.

3:55 AM PT: You can also read Denise Oliver Velez's diary which I highly recommend

Originally posted to LaFeminista on Wed Nov 07, 2012 at 02:54 AM PST.

Also republished by Sluts.

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