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This is just the most brilliant thing ever. Written Monday morning.

While everyone is looking at the polls and the storm, Romney’s slipping into the presidency. He’s quietly rising, and he’s been rising for a while.
So quietly, in fact, even the people who supposedly would vote for him didn't even know they were going to do it, apparently. And I guess they forgot to do what they didn't know they were going to do.

There's so much more.

Among the wisest words spoken this cycle were by John Dickerson of CBS News and Slate, who said, in a conversation the night before the last presidential debate, that he thought maybe the American people were quietly cooking something up, something we don’t know about.
If only there was some way to ASK them. You know, like call up a bunch of them and ask them who they intend to vote for. Maybe then we could find out what they're up to!

The brilliancy gets better.

There is no denying the Republicans have the passion now, the enthusiasm. The Democrats do not. Independents are breaking for Romney. And there’s the thing about the yard signs. In Florida a few weeks ago I saw Romney signs, not Obama ones. From Ohio I hear the same. From tony [sic] Northwest Washington, D.C., I hear the same.
Well, there you go. If only Nate Silver had factored that into his model -- the yard signs Peggy Noonan's friend told her about. That was the one missing datapoint. Boy does he have egg on his face.

And speaking of data...

Is it possible this whole thing is playing out before our eyes and we’re not really noticing because we’re too busy looking at data on paper instead of what’s in front of us? Maybe that’s the real distortion of the polls this year: They left us discounting the world around us.
Yeah, see, there's your problem. The data actually tells you about the world around you. That's actually what it's for. Because, you see, reality can actually be measured.

Maybe we should back up a little. A long time ago there was this guy, Isaac Newton. And he figured out that the universe had certain properties to it. And... Jesus, I give up.

Go read the whole thing because there's a lot more, and it's all really, really good.

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