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Shorting is when you bet against a company based on your prediction the company is overvalued and will lose value in the future.  I know a piece of shit when I see one.

In this case, the company was R&R Inc. and the market was Intrade.  Moments ago I closed that account and wired a healthy lump sum of money back to my piggy bank here in the U.S.  I really need this R-money.  This Intrade experience was poetic justice on so many levels.

I am one of the 47%. Romney's voters hate me and they don't know me.  I took their money.  I stole their lunch.  I sucker punched 'em gansta style for buying into his cold hearted bullshit and selling my bleeding liberal heart soul short.  

I am back in college, earning minimum wage and going to school full time to improve myself and make myself more marketable in this bottomed-out Bush economy.  They have no concept of what it feels like to depend on earned benefits in order to merely survive and live a normal life.  At one point recently when I hit rock bottom I felt ashamed of myself.  I felt like a failure to such an extreme that I avoided my family for years, staying alone on holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, college educated, scanning my EBT card.

This crash was not caused by my dependence on earned benefits.  I never ran up a credit card or bought 4 houses that I couldn't afford.  I bought one, less than 1000 square feet in a poor neighborhood.  I always lived within my means and made my purchases with real money, avoiding borrowing whenever I could.  My twenties sucked because of it.  My thirties have been just as uneventful.  I feel like I've been cheated and shorted by forces out of my sight and beyond my control and quite frankly, I grew pissed off at the bankers.

After my first degree I took a job as a school teacher in a Charter School with a school board run by bankers.  I figured out their racket right away.  They were steering per-pupil tax dollars into private hands through loans on temporary mobile units.  Whenever we paid off a building, a new branch appeared until they got the permanent debt they wanted with a multimillion dollar brick facility.  The ran me out of there because of my tattoos and my liberal views about Muslims during the War on Terror.  I was not smart enough to force a termination and caved to their bullying.  I was not able to collect unemployment.  Instead I worked odd jobs for the next 3 years and vowed never to return to teaching.

I took my next full-time job at a library.  Same scam.  A Board of Trustees saw to it that library branches sprouted all over the city, every new building and new property representing a new debt to the county.  Private hands guzzling up tax dollars that should help create jobs and services for the public.  Instead, the library system alone owed the banks 30 million dollars.  The school system?  I don't even want to imagine that figure.  Just one library system in one county out of 3000 counties in America.  The vampire squids have taken over.

So fresh off of paying my debt from my first degree I now owe another substantial amount of money for this second degree about to be completed in May.  The amount of borrowing here at a college campus is staggering.  Before bankers leeched tax dollars, destroyed jobs and liquidated our retirement funds and college education savings, states could afford to support higher education. As soon as the tax revenues dried up bankers swooped in and capitalized on young people who just want a decent shot at a good start in life.  

Now here I am, angry, poor and determined to come out of this with some comfort and dignity.  

Last night made us all rich but for me I got a nice cherry on top.

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