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In 2008 and during the Clinton years, the Presidential election felt like victory.  We were elated.  Absolutely elated.  But this year I can't help but notice something else.  This is different.  In a word: change.  

I saw the first gay Senator elected.  I saw the Democrats push back against impossible odds in the Senate to actually gain two seats. And, make no mistake,  we were led the whole way by a fantastic brigade of now women senators.  Despite a discouraged electorate, high unemployment and conservative territory, they still grinded out the toughest of victories based on the now arrived demographic reality of the United States.  Women, minorities, gay and white people and whoever else all under one growing and inclusive tent.

Where are the centrist corporate democrats?  I see a professor and consumer advocate, and a guy with a scratchy voice from the rust belt.  I see this friendly physics guy who always called me looking for a few bucks to run for Congress and willing to answer all my science questions got a congressional seat in Illinois.  I see Alan Grayson is back and Allen West is gone.  I see so much diversity and I see values.  First time I've ever seen or felt that.  We elected the people we wanted to elect.  Elizabeth Warren is only a Senator because we insisted she become one.  Review the history, nobody in Washington wanted her in Washington.  President Obama's first election was historic.  Nancy Pelosi's elevation to Speaker was historic.  What's happening here, though, is hopefully the beginning of a new status quo.  Thank you to everybody.

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