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My Fellow Citizen Republicans, a few thoughts if I may.
Do you need to be dragged scratching and kicking into the 21st Century?
Ladyparts Owners Can Vote!
We Can Vote Too Dummie!

This is America's Changing Electorate. Every month for the next two decades, 50,000 Hispanics will turn 18. - from:

When will you stop relying on the old model, history, and start working with the new one, reality?
Pop Daddy, Daddy Stop
When will you realize that you can't say one thing this morning and say you didn't this afternoon? Because, uhhm, youtube.
When will you acknowledge that you can't say a thing is true when it clearly is not? Because, uhhm, facts.
When will you accept that saying you don't like my numbers makes them wrong? Because, uhhm, math.
Will you ever just admit that grumpy old white men aren't always the smarter folks in any room?

Republicans look over there! Some woman is trying to have an abortion without hearing the heartbeat 1st! Go stop her!
Democrats, indies, and non loonies read on below the whatchamacallit.

some final thoughts...
 ... election reform NOW. 9 hr lines are embarrassing.
  ... Florida? Again? C'mon son. Tally the results already DAMN.
    ... etch-a-sketch stocks must be tanking.
        ... does anyone else have an election hangover?
Not from alcohol, from 2 freaking years of electioneering, campaigning, waking up in the middle of the night sweating over poll 'NUMBers', incessant emails begging, blowing gaskets over some idiots foot in mouth syndrome trying to redefining rape.
Whew. I need a cigarette. I guess I picked the wrong week to stop smoking crack.
After 2 years of madness, mayhem, and 2 BILLION dollars, Barack Obama is still the president, the senate is still under Democratic control, the house of congress, still under Republicans.
I'm not complaining mind you. The alternative was a nightmare scenario!
Let's not drop the ball like we did after 2008. I know I'm preaching to the choir over here. I'm saying this to myself as well. - I copied this piece from my latest Facebook post. - No, I was not as diligent after 2008 as I could have been. That's what got us all the bat crap crazy Tea Partiers in the House of Congress in 2010. The president's hands were almost tied by them. Its a miracle he got done what he did.
This time, after all the promoting, donating, phone-banking, door knocking etc. that we've done, we have to stay focused on the busy makins' of the Republican Party while they think we're not looking. Sorry but we'll have to come out en masse again in 2014 for mid term elections. Michele Bachmann is still in congress for crying out loud!
Fiscal cliff is looming! The 1%s are funneling ill gotten monies and jobs OUT of the country as we celebrate!
We'll have to have the President's back so that he feels supported in standing up to Republican obstruction.
No more Mr. Nice Guy. Since he has no reelection to worry about, we can give him the push he needs to grab his #%*s, and remind 'em who the mofoing President of These United States is. Barack Hussein, yeah I said it, Hussein Obama.



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