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Wow, he sure upset the Tea Party with his "There is not Tea Party Caucus" statement.  The attack has been non-stop.  If you use twitter, do a search for Boehner #tcot, click all (refresh often) and watch the vitriol stream.

Here's some samples:

RT@marklevinshow @SpeakerBoehner must go before more damage is done  #tcot Boehner ineffective, needs 2 get out of line

"@marklevinshow: No, Mr. Boehner, the Constitution is the law of the land...  #tcot #ocra #cvn #TeaParty @GregWHoward

@kerpen We don't need a goalie, we need a steadfast LEADER. Boehner is a place holder #tcot

Boehner IS a boner! Stop giving in to Barry & his boys!! Man up & do the right thing!! #tcot #IMPEACHOBAMA #USA

Boehner must go ASAP. Who is with me?  #tcot, #caring

Boehner! If we wanted people to work with the Dems we would have just voted for the Dems you twit @pinkpistolusa #tcot #teaparty #GOP

Who made John Boehner king? Boehner Tells House G.O.P. to Fall in Line … #teaparty #grassroots #fw #fwfa #tcot #tlot

TIME FOR THIS GUY TO GO --->Boehner Tells House G.O.P. to Fall in Line  #TCOT #ASSHAT

"John Boehner needs to go." … via @directorblue #tcot #teaparty #gop

MT“.@SpeakerBoehner is a physical wonder ... a man with no balls who has fathered numerous children #amazing #TeaParty #ctl #tcot #Boehner”

Warning to @Reince - If Weeper Boehner is put back as speaker, I vote/donate to third party candidates only. No more GOP #tcot

WELL, you get the gist.  The meanies have a new target!

For a quick refresher, here's the list of the Tea Party Caucus members

Tea Party Caucus

We defeated a bunch of the Teahadist Hatriots, will we GOTV everyday until 2014 to defeat the rest?

I set a goal to talk to one new person everyday to shed some GOP doubt after I ask them what the most important issue is to them.  I address that with at least one question, no preaching.

If they say "I hate politics" "I don't vote" or any other apathetic meme, I ask them if they have children and/or grandparents.  I ask if they know what issues are at risk for either/both.  I then ask "Whatever question is specific to their answer, if you felt you could make a difference would you vote?"  then "Are you registered?" "Is not voting setting a good example for your children?"  "Doesn't democracy depend on people voting?"  

Well, you are all better at this than I am.  I think the key is to dare to talk to people.

Originally posted to War on Error on Sun Nov 11, 2012 at 10:22 AM PST.

Also republished by DKos TWEETers.


The new speaker of the house will be

26%312 votes
23%275 votes
10%121 votes
38%449 votes

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