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The shell-shocked GOP & Tea Party's faithful extremist following are becoming even more disturbed, deranged and dangerous. One of their newest memes is to try to bring up the possibility of assassination by suggesting it indirectly.

One of the GOP & Tea Party extremists on Twitter, attempting to suggest assassination as a possibility through indirect reference.
In the Twitter exchange pictured, the person tweeted a suggestion that "You might have a president Biden soon with John Boehner as VP."

More below the flying orange nimbus...

The implication of how such a circumstance might arise was left unmentioned, but was obvious.

I'd pointed out that President Obama has accomplished much in the face of GOP & Tea Party obstruction & opposition - in fact, that the extreme levels of opposition & obstruction were being conducted with full knowledge & intent to undermine recovery, which (in my mind) constitutes sedition if not treason on their part - so I simply replied to the message with "Hope that never happens. The President is doing a damn fine job - we couldn't have done better after the #Bush debacles."

The twit responded as if I had agreed with the unspoken implication, however: "Let me know if you need our help."

...not worth responding to at that point.

The most annoying part of it is that this type of "banter" sets up a type of "whispering campaign" aimed at laying the foundation for more stochastic terrorism - the old "triggering the shooters" methodology that we saw so much of in Obama's first term, when the GOP & Tea Party extremists kept using guns, targets and shooting analogies in their regular communications, accompanied by fresh, heaping, steaming helpings of hyperbole & fear-mongering - something that didn't abate after the shooting of Dr. George Tiller, but did die off a little after the Gabby Giffords assassination attempt.

A little.

Now they've doubled down on stupid, and are trying to suggest assassination as one of the likely outcomes to the re-election of President Obama.

This dangerous, deranged & deviant behavior must stop.

Simply reporting it to the FBI or Secret Service will only serve to drain resourcess - they can't investigate every mention or suggestion of such extreme behavior; trying to do so would stretch them too thin. And that is usually one of the intended results of this type of insidious whispering campaign.

They're usually started in the dark, in backroom whispers from people who know exactly the type of environment they're trying to incite toward an expected behavior. They don't care who they incite - they just want to ratchet things up until events start popping, in hopes that someone will accomplish the goal that they themselves can't do directly.

But now, the stakes are even higher.

In my opinion, this is the time for the GOP & for conservative leadership - if they have anything akin to actual "leadership" or any sense of real "statesmanship" - to unequivocally stand up, denounce such thoughts, sayings & tactics, and hold the line to prevent the creeping infestation of such hateful vitriol among their less-than-stable & purposely uninformed base.

And there's the rub - they can't. They won't. Because the techniques & tactics they need to denounce are just about all they have left in their arsenal, and they have no intentions of letting go of processes & techniques that they have spent millions on honing, developing & indoctrinating themselves with.

It's up to us, and to the media - because we can't do it alone, and the media in incapable of doing it without us.

Stand up & shout whenever someone pulls this type of stunt. Point it out. Shame them. Expose them. And if they are foolish enough to make a direct threat, report that to the FBI & Secret Service.

Don't let these fuckers continue to act like the dangerously deranged lunatics & immature psychopaths that they appear to so desperately want to become.

Thank you. Please share this, and the attached image, widely.

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