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I promise you.

Here it goes:

1. Republicans in the House refuse to extend the Middle Class Bush tax cuts. Everybody's taxes go up.

2. Obama campaigns and pounds relentlessly and runs ads in 2014 on how the Republicans let everybody's taxes go up.

3. Profit!!! from a Democratic Majority in both Houses of Congress.


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  •  To get the House back we need to address (8+ / 0-)

    the results of gerrymandering. Our enthusiasm alone will not get that done, we will need to sway voters from those deep red precincts to see things our way.

    Or else move blue voters into them.

    We have a year and a half.

    I would T&R, but my browser does not allow it.

    •  My experience with previous GOP dominated... (3+ / 0-)

      ...redistricting is that the GOP tends to draw lines for the very next election cycle and bet that the combination of incumbency and their natural fundraising advantage gets them through the rest of the decade. Democrats tend to draw lines more cautiously when they have effective control, taking "best guess" population shifts and demographic trends into account.

      I have a hunch that demographics and a steadily improving economy will come back to haunt them much sooner than the GOP planned for. A lot can happen in 2 years.

      When you are right you cannot be too radical; when you are wrong, you cannot be too conservative. --Martin Luther King Jr.

      by Egalitare on Wed Nov 14, 2012 at 03:07:21 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

      •  Suburban Districts in South and Midwest. (1+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:

        Not for these Birch Society crazies.

      •  Well, there's Illinois (1+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:

        The district line keeps moving from one side of my sister's street to the other, as the mapmakers drown suburban Republicans in Chicago Democrats. By the way, congratulations to Chicago, my hometown. Every single one of its 50 wards went for Obama. My sister says there are precincts in her area where Romney didn't receive a single vote (of course, she lives a few blocks from the President).

        Take the "Can't(or)" out of Congress. Support E. Wayne Powell in Va-07.

        by anastasia p on Wed Nov 14, 2012 at 06:14:33 PM PST

        [ Parent ]

    •  Not all republicans are rich. When the taxes of (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      Killer of Sacred Cows

      the non-rich go up, there may be more Dem votes than expected.

      "I believe more women should carry guns. I believe armed women will make the world a better place. Women need to come to think of themselves not as victims but as dangerous." Anna Pigeon

      by glorificus on Wed Nov 14, 2012 at 04:20:02 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

    •  Precisely (0+ / 0-)

      We had four terrific women in Ohio who ran balls-out campaigns on bread-and-butter issues tat should have resonated in their districts. And there were even factors in those districts that made them somewhat more winnabe. But in the end, gerrymandering was too big a mountain to climb. Every Ohioan who voted against issue 2 is an asshole; I will mince no words about that. We need to keep putting it back on the ballot over and over until it passes — and no, the idea Jon Husted our secretary of suppres...I mean, state ... has proposed is NOT a "better idea." It's just slightly less bad than the horrific system we have now.

      Take the "Can't(or)" out of Congress. Support E. Wayne Powell in Va-07.

      by anastasia p on Wed Nov 14, 2012 at 06:12:45 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

  •  The problem with the Congress is that some (2+ / 0-)

    of the members think their job is to punish citizens who don't agree with them.
    Basically, they are insubordinate and refuse to accept that they are public servants, not rulers. So, they need to be schooled. If the removal of some recalcitrant members of Congress is proof of anything, it's that one person's bad experience is not sufficiently impressive. The punitives still haven't learned that they are off base and out of step.
    Of course, another part of the problem is that creatures of habit don't learn. Period.

    We organize governments to provide benefits and prevent abuse.

    by hannah on Wed Nov 14, 2012 at 01:18:56 PM PST

  •  If Obama keeps on the soapbox and (3+ / 0-)

    takes the issues straight to voters in all areas of the country, then it can happen.   One to one if need be.  YouTube and more.

  •  Turnout will have to be high in 2014 (3+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    VClib, Illinois IRV, glorificus

    And even then, it will be very difficult to peel back 10 to 15 more seats so the Democrats get back the majority.

    Obamacare being fully implemented and the GOP still being very stubborn about that could stir a "throw the GOP bums" out national narrative but there are a lot of factors in play here.

    And the 2014 Senate map is difficult.   I could see us losing a few Senate seats even if things go well for us.   Of course if the Tea Party remains stupid, then we may be able to hold seats or offset a loss with a gain.

  •  cdub - it's unlikely that you will be correct (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Old Lefty, antooo

    The 2014 election is in two years. So much can happen between now and then. My guess is that at some time before 12/31/13 a "grand bargain" will be struck and everyone will put a happy face on it for political purposes.

    "let's talk about that"

    by VClib on Wed Nov 14, 2012 at 03:41:19 PM PST

    •  Mmmmm... (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      I agree with both of you, some each; I have, since its been so useful to others, a 'gut feeling' that we WILL take the House in '14 if not exactly for the reason laid out above, and I agree with you that, no doubt, it's an eternity till then. But, neither the arc of Demography nor that of History is unlikely to take a U turn in their direction between now and then and I think it equally unlikely that teh Crazy will go softly into their coming dark night, and so are unlikely to endear themselves any more widely than they have already.

      So, we continue the Fight for the Future in '14!

      Just getting a handle on the knobs and dials.... Hey, don't touch that!

      by Old Lefty on Wed Nov 14, 2012 at 03:59:20 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

    •  In Ohio, the GOP is making it worse (0+ / 0-)

      for themselves, and women in particular will be looking for somebody to punish. Our legislature has already rushed back into session to attack women and display their contempt for their rights. Women held the key to our defeat in 2010 and they will assure we have victories in Ohio in 2014. Keep it up, Ohio GOP. You're slitting your own throats.

      Take the "Can't(or)" out of Congress. Support E. Wayne Powell in Va-07.

      by anastasia p on Wed Nov 14, 2012 at 06:16:51 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

  •  Depends on poaching. (0+ / 0-)

    Democrats need to get much better at going after GOPer Base voters.

    -- Picking off votes is great, but moving people over to Libertarians is half as good (as well as discouraging GOPer voting altogether.)

    Republicans are running a fraud.

    We need to sell a useful understanding of these realities to GOPer Basers.

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