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Move over Papa John's, Jimmy John's and Applebee's, Denny's & Hurricane Grill & Wings trumped all of you in the race for dickish RW owners. More past the orange cloud.

Denny's Franchisee and Hurricane Grill & Wings owner, John Metz, will be adding a 5% surcharge to all tabs in his restaurants to offset the costs of Obamacare beginning in January 2014.

Metz is also reportedly planning on cutting all employee's to under 30 hours  effective immediately, in spite of the fact Obamacare isn't implemented until 2014. So, right in time for Christmas, Metz' employee's are going to be faced with the problem of having to look for second jobs, to offset their lost income because of their boss' political leanings.

Said Metz, "If I leave the prices the same but, say on the menu there is a 5% surcharge for Obamacare, customers have two choices. They can either pay it  and tip 15-20 percent, or if they really feel so inclined, they can reduce the amount of tip they give the server, who is the primary beneficiary of Obamacare" Italics mine

Metz is the franchisor of Hurricane Grill & Wings, which has 48 locations, five of which are corporate owned, and president and owner of RREMC Restaurants, which runs approximately 40 Denny's and several Dairy Queen locations. He planned to use the 5 percent surcharge tactic in all his restaurants starting in January 2014, when Obamacare is fully implemented.

Metz said he hopes the post-election meetings will inspire employees rather than alienate them. "What we're going to ask them to do is to speak to their elected officials, to try to convey what this means in terms of their jobs and their livelihoods," Metz said.

Originally posted to blueoregon on Thu Nov 15, 2012 at 06:43 AM PST.

Also republished by Koscadia.

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