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14 months ago I posted the original diary titled  Mojo Friday - Doody Head and Poopy Face - Edition, it was in reference to some on-site name calling at the time. Who would have thought a little over a year later a national figure (Grover Norquist) would use the language of 5 year olds to describe how he thought the President was talking about his opponent during the campaign? This gives a large insight into the real mental capacity of Grover Norquist and the Brain Trust of the right. Their world view is based upon writings for 14 year old boys and they use the language of 5 year olds to describe opponents or how they think opponents talk about them. No wonder we can't get anywhere when we try to work with them.

Over the flip is the original piece I used to discuss our childish antics here, 14 months ago.

Doody head, poopy face, doodoo head, mash potatoe head, pee pee peedle puddle, tubby, dummy, frog face etc.

The above "names" are those used by 5 year old children and maybe as old as 8. It's amazing that as we become "adults" some of us never get past the 5 year old brain in our conversations with others. Rather than use reason and and persuasion to further our arguments we revert to that 5 year old brain. We use "adult" versions of these same names we call others that a 5 year old does.

I'm not a sociologist, psychologist or social psychologist, but if you were to ask me why we do it, my answer is simple, it works. It breaks up the discussion and diverts the energy of the conversation from one of substance to one of defense from the name calling.  Thereby breaking up what may have been an important discussion by many, to a name calling pissing contest by a few. There are some who engage in this behavior so often that some of their targets start having a Pavlovian response just from the appearance of their antagonist.

As in any "battle" it takes two sides to engage in this behavior. So it takes two sides to stop it. And sometimes it takes a referee to step in. That referee can be the others who were engaged in a constructive conversation that was diverted. Notify the name callers that your not happy about their behavior and politely request they conduct themselves in a civil manner if they want to continue in the conversation. If you're ignored or become a target yourself, disengage and notify admins.

I had intended to try to make this a light-hearted piece, but it's serious topic. I hope it will be treated as such and the name calling and finger pointing will cease.

The difference between this site and then talking about a national discourse is the referees (the media) are no better than some of the players. In other words there are no referees.  

On with the games!!  

Mojo Friday Guidelines

1)   If you comment you have to recommend all comments. (in order to receive mojo you have to give mojo. It's only good mojo manners.)
2)  Everything you say may be taken as a joke (so if you ask a question, expect a silly answer)
3)  You must recommend the diary (and pimp it unapologetically)
4)  You don't have to comment to recommend.
5)  You can't steal my idea (right, like that ain't goin' to happen)
6)  Please, no pictures or YouTubes until after 300 comments. Now, after 100, use a little common courtesy and be responsible in the number.
7)  Mojo mojo mojo mojo, mojo mojo mojo.
8)  TexDem (that's me) is not bound by the guidelines. Heh

Mojo Friday Goals

A. At least 300 different commenters and 1000 comments by 1:30 PM EST and 1500 by 5:00 PM EST Friday Night that it's posted.

B. 100 recommends for each comment, at least.

C. Stay on Recommend List at least five hours (this requires some strategic planning by you guys, refer to guideline #3)

D. At least 200 diary recommends. 300 would be better, spread the word.

E. And always, fun fun fun.

F. Have at least 75% average participation rate as seen here in the Mojo Friday Postgame Show by Woodtick and bjedward.

G. (New) Have at least 30 kossacks over 90% participation (see here for some tips).

H. Overload the servers with recommends, not to mention dominate Top Comments Mojo list. (we do tend to mess with the site with all of our recommends at one time)(also, to dominate the Top Comments Top Mojo we need at least 50 comments with over 200 recommends, see guideline B)

I. That's enough for now. (Have a suggestion? Post it.)    

MKinTN posted a diary to help everyone achieve greater success called How to Succeed at Mojo Friday Without Really Trying.    

For those of you new to MF (Mojo Friday) we have our own lingo about a few things. Thank's to MF'er Jez (the link will explain) go to this diary for a little more fun and explanation. Official Mojo Friday Snecktionary.      

Originally posted to Mojo Friday on Fri Nov 16, 2012 at 07:30 AM PST.

Also republished by Pink Clubhouse.

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