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I remember when perhaps our worst President in history, George W. Bush, was running for President in 2000 how many alleged rightwing Christians were calling him the next "Moses".  I kid you not.

Yet, what I didn't realize was that this was Bush's own delusion promoted in the press and taken as "fact" by rightwing Christians.  Bush was going to be a "tax-cutting" Moses leading his people (obviously the rich) to the Promised Land.  Anyway, God gave these alleged Christians the leader they wanted--not once, but twice (and both times in dubious manners--stopping the Florida recount which would have gave Al Gore the Presidency and then voter fraud in Ohio in 2004--you could actually say God has a sense of humor in that Bush was allowed to win twice by cheating thus showing us what kind of "Christian leader" we were getting).

So, "Christians" got their man and he was shown to be a complete fool.  Unaware and uncaring against al-queda, we were attacked and thousands lost their lives.  He cut taxes for the wealthy and spent billion, if not trillions, on wars (one which should have been illegal in Iraq) and gave military contracts to wealthy buddies at Halliburton (Dick Cheney, the VP of the USA at the time).  He could care less about Hurricane Katrina or its victims and basically allowed Wall Street to bankrupt our country before he was through.  A partial list here--

BTW, a longer list won't make you feel better!  So, the guy the rightwing "Christians" wanted was a colossal failure.  The next guy, who these same alleged rightwing Christians lie about on a daily basis, President Obama, has made the country better.  Here is a list of some of President Obama's accomplishments (and this is without the help of alleged Christians in government)--

Health care reform so more people will receive healthcare and not go bankrupt or die.  He turned the USA around with the economic stimulus, got us out of the illegal Iraq war is winding the other Bush war in Afghanistan, got rid of our biggest enemy and saved the US Auto Industry to name a few.  These should all be good things supported by most Americans, right?  Not the Christian Right.  They would have rather elected a Mormon, who rightwing "Christians" claim is a cult and place cult leader, Mitt Romney, as President of the USA.  Romney, whose policies and positions are more extreme than George W. Bush.

In the end, if you are a Christian and believe that God is "in control of everything" then you should believe that Barack Obama was God's choice, not once, but twice.  And, if rightwing Christians truly sat back and thought about it, you may come to the conclusion that God is once again showing you His wisdom and your foolishness.

God gave you your President in George W. Bush who turned out to be a clown and terrible leader.  Now, he is giving you a President in Barack Obama who you hate and he is extremely competent, good and respected leader.  If that doesn't show you God's wisdom and your foolishness, nothing will.

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