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Petitions are a great way to get the word out: this is an issue about which we are passionate! This is an issue that has widespread support!

But most of all, petitions remind us that we're not just talking about sentiment;
there is infrastructure dedicated to this cause (so join us!)

The words of this petition make the boycott threat real. With many thousands of names, we're no longer talking about one complaint here and there. Sponsors will be forced to notice.

This petition has a great start, with nearly 7,000 signatures.

Please sign. Share. Recommend. Blog. Post. Tweet.

Tell Sponsors We Will
No Longer Buy Products
That Support Rush Limbaugh



The diarist is active in Flush Rush on Facebook:
Rush Limbaugh's talk radio career is in a slow downward spiral in part because of the activism of consumers, volunteers, and activists who seek to hold Rush accountable for his hate speech. One very active group in this cause is Flush Rush on Facebook. Flush Rush and other, similar groups use the StopRush Database to inform advertisers about where their ads are appearing.

Please consider joining. Small donations are also accepted to fund data storage; visit StopRush for more information.

Flush Rush on Facebook:
Stop Rush database:
My Stop Rush blog posts:
Twitter hashtag: #stoprush

Originally posted to Richard Myers on Mon Nov 26, 2012 at 03:27 AM PST.

Also republished by Sluts.

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  •  I signed it (3+ / 0-)

    But they should drop the address part !
    I fucken hate USPS mail asking for money !

  •  THANK YOU, RICHARD! (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    This petition was not started by an organization. It does not ask for money after you sign. It was started by one person who shared it with others, and they in turn, shared it with others - all of whom are sick and tired of Rush Limbaugh getting away with blatant misogyny, sexism and bigotry.

    One of the first people to sign was/is a Tea Party member who said even he thought Rush had gone too far (see petition) after Limbaugh's verbal lashing of Sandra Fluke. Rush's motive? To silence her.

    One person cannot get Limbaugh fired. But one person X thousands telling Limbaugh sponsors, no longer will we buy  products from companies that support hate - this speaks volumes, because it speaks to a sponsor's bottom line. Money. It speaks to the radio industry. And ultimately, it speaks to American media. It says, enough.

    This petition proves we each can make a difference. Maybe we don't have the money to donate to our causes, or the time to rally, or the luxury to speak our minds on facebook/twitter because of our occupations. But we all have a few minutes to sign a petition. And you can ask your name/info not be published.  asks for the information to help ensure the signatures are bonafide and signed by actual people - not machines. The information helps to keep the less than honest from signing 50 times.  

    Media Matters has put this into their emails. Planned Parenthood, Flush Rush, NOW, Naral, Emily's List, Occupy sites... have all allowed this petition to be promoted on their sites/walls - because it's real, because it's meaningful, and because it's successful.

    I hope you will consider signing. emails the signatures to the sponsors. There is contact information included in the petition, so even if you don't sign, you can fb message or tweet some of the sponsors and let them know how you feel about them supporting Limbaugh. Signing is something we CAN do. And it really DOES make a difference. Thanks.

  •  Here is the petition link: (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    SIGN HERE: Tell Sponsors We Will No Longer Buy Products That Support Rush Limbaugh:

    Some of Rush Limbaugh's longstanding sponsors have included/include:

    Total Transformation
    Ageless Male
    Lear Capitol
    Farmers Insurance
    Capstone Direct
    *Angie's List ...

    For an extensive list, visit

    *Angie's List was personally endorsed by Limbaugh multiple times, daily - for seven months after his Sandra Fluke comments. Their ads have not been heard for a few weeks, but since they pulled ads before then returned, they will remain on the petition until they make a public announcement or we are sure they are no longer a sponsor.

    Thanks again for signing and sharing:

  •  I am not OK with boycotts on this issue. (0+ / 0-)

    Using the Spocko method is good, and pretty much untouchable.  Ask them if their brands are associated with Limbaugh, et al.

    Many of those same radio willing advertisers may well come to see the many benefits of the medium when it is not being used to sell hate.

    Sorry.  This just isn't for me because it harms more radio than it needs to.

    IMHO the right message is to target this use case of talk radio, and emphasize the medium being fine, just not how Limbaugh and friends are over exploiting it for personal and political gain.

    ***Be Excellent To One Another***

    by potatohead on Tue Nov 27, 2012 at 02:01:26 PM PST

    •  Response (0+ / 0-)
      Many of those same radio willing advertisers may well come to see the many benefits of the medium when it is not being used to sell hate.
      I see your point - and that is exactly why, when contacting sponsors from this  petition/ The Fight To Flush Rush, it is encouraged for petitioners/boycotters to be respectful and truthful with their messages.

      This petition encourages these sponsors to consider placing their ads elsewhere. (which can be on another radio show)  Why risk alienating women, blacks, hispanics, gays, the disabled, ultimately damaging their company image, just to advertise on Limbaugh's show - now a sinking ship.

      The petition is not to berate radio - or sponsors. It is to let them know these petitioners are against Limbaugh's misogyny, racism and bigotry. In order to get the attention of sponsors and radio, who are are paying to help keep Limbaugh in business, we are using our freedom of speech to let them know we don't want our money going to help support Limbaugh's hate.

      •  And what happens when the same is done to... (0+ / 0-)

        ...our people?

        ***Be Excellent To One Another***

        by potatohead on Tue Nov 27, 2012 at 04:39:51 PM PST

        [ Parent ]

          •  Well, a boycott against Rush advertizers (0+ / 0-)

            will be seen in various ways:

            One way is that kind of activity can and will be associated with talk radio in general, and in particular controversial content.  That's us, same as them.

            Now I know our people don't generally do what Rush does, but the big lie out there is "both sides do it" and a shitload of business people are centrists at heart and would think that of talk in general in a second.

            That and it's tougher to pick and choose on the medium, meaning the cost is higher, so let's advertize somewhere else.

            Radio overall takes a hit, our people take a hit, talk itself takes a hit, and so does Limbaugh, but he's taking plenty already, marginalizing the boycott efforts in his case, making things worse in most other cases.

            Another way is limbaugh has a large share.  A boycott will be seen and felt somewhat, but not too much, unless it is a very significant effort.  Talk listeners are pretty loyal to the format and understand many of the dynamics I'm writing here.  Probably they won't do it.

            Now, a similar effort aimed at say, Randi Rhodes?  She's great, sometimes a target because of what she does, and she's been in court a lot, paying lots of legal.  In short, her share is small and she's expensive.  She's still on the air because her audience pays off.

            An effort against her will have a bigger impact due to share, and the general effort against Rush inhibits advertisers, impacting her more than him.  Our share is smaller, our position is much smaller, our market expectations in radio are much less solid than they are for Limbaugh.  People are looking for reasons to get rid of leftie talkers, while they will go the distance looking for reasons to keep rightie talkers.

            That's an industry norm, BTW.  Dominant view right now.

            Some advertisers really believe in radio.  Getting new ones is always a tough sell.  That sell has to happen nationally as well as locally.  If we start beating people up who attempt to advertize on radio, they may well reconsider radio.

            Remember that industry norm I just mentioned?  Well, establishing Huckabee is a whole lot easier sell than it would be Norman Goldman, for example.  Part of the risk is whether or not they can sell ADS.

            The bar for that equation being acceptable is far lower for Huckabee than it ever will be for Norman Goldman, again by way of example.

            Raising that bar with a boycott hurts us first and more than it does them, because of that.

            Finally, there is talk here in Portland of either bringing KPOJ back, and I hope for that, but am not expecting it.  CC has made up their mind and it's gonna take a lot, possibly the threat of regulation for them to undo that decision.

            Other players may just build a new KPOJ.  Entercom comes to mind, as they have a proggy talk station somewhere right now.  Spanking talk radio advertisers in that way means raising the risk profile, and it means potentially scaring some away, hurting us first before it really hurts them.

            Established players have a serious advantage.  We are not established players.

            I won't boycott the advertisers who stayed with the KPOJ format change either, and for those reasons.

            Really, extending the spocko method is best.  A boycott is sexy, because it's new and it might get some press, but beyond that, pretty tepid unless one can get a major effort going, and even then collateral damage is always on the table.

            I would prefer to lean on Limbaugh without impacting a great medium we can do well on at the same time.

            ***Be Excellent To One Another***

            by potatohead on Tue Nov 27, 2012 at 09:09:26 PM PST

            [ Parent ]

            •  Why Boycotts Work (0+ / 0-)

              I hear you and agree with some points.

              Yes, boycotts are sexy, but they are not new. They have been around for hundreds of years, and when a boycott creates positive change, it is glorious. Consumer-driven boycotts are effective for this simple reason:

              For companies, their goal is profit. Their livelihood is derived from consumer spending. The consumer's power to influence companies comes from where they choose to buy. If a company realizes their actions have cost them profit, they will change.

              For radio, their goal is profit. Their livelihood is derived from sponsors via consumers. If they realize their actions are costing them profit, they will change.

              For Rush Limbaugh, his goal is profit - and power. His livelihood is derived from radiio, via sponsors, via consumers. He chooses to continue his racist, sexist and bigoted actions, and he is now losing  his show. And we have one less hate monger polluting our public airways.

              This is the goal of the above petition, the StopRush Project and the Limbaugh boycott groups, and its working. Thousands of sponsors have moved their ads and Americans. once again, use their freedoms to create positive change, one person at a time. And that  - is glorious.

              •  There are two distinctions here. (0+ / 0-)

                One is asking advertisers to boycott the show.  That's the Spocko method.

                That method doesn't assign a negative to anybody but Limbaugh, and it's very well targeted.

                Asking people to then boycott products of those advertisers who continue enters into the issue areas I outlined.

                So far, the "glorious" (which I agree with) has primarily been associated with the Spocko method.  This is a great thing.

                If number two gets traction, then most of what I wrote gets invoked, and there are many more negatives.

                I an not opposed to boycotts generally, however this is "scorched earth" type movement action that can and likely would render radio more difficult for us in the end, and given our current share and difficulty with overall expectations, this is a net loss for us more than it is them.

                I'll put where it could go very simply:

                Somebody somewhere sees impact from the advertiser product boycott.  Worse, that advertiser maybe didn't know they were airing ads on the show.  Happens all the time, due to how radio works and is struggling with this.

                That info spreads to, "talk radio listeners like to boycott", and now the medium is in question.

                With the Spocko method, we see that "talk radio listeners communicate with sponsors", which is much different!  The medium itself is not in question, simply their support of it.

                Asking them whether or not their brand is well represented by a hate show implies people will associate the negative to them, and it implies a loss of business for obvious reasons.

                Their choice then.  Should they continue, they should see a lot of business, but even if they don't, we get a freebie as most won't want to take the chance.

                We get most of the positive impact while never really burning a bridge.  

                And, should a tit for tat move happen, it's much harder when say Randi gets hit with one, than the righties in general, who currently have far more share and staying power due to expectations set long before we got here.

                On the other hand, should they apply the Spocko method to our people, there is much less negative to say about it, meaning an overall net gain for us in the medium overall.

                Sorry, I just can't support mixing these two, and in fact worry that blurring the line will marginalize the advantages the Spocko method has built up to date.

                I might need to diary this now that I think about it.

                ***Be Excellent To One Another***

                by potatohead on Fri Nov 30, 2012 at 08:38:48 AM PST

                [ Parent ]

        •  If we do it, we deserve the same. (1+ / 0-)
          Recommended by:
          Leslie Salzillo

          As has been made clear from the beginning, this effort has nothing to do with Limbaugh (or anyone else) expressing conservative ideas. This is about misogyny and other disgusting speech.

          When liberals engage in misogyny, we must boycott them (cough-Maher-cough) as well.

          I very much believe that conservative speech belongs on the public airwaves, and if I thought the StopRush effort or this petition was about stopping conservative speech, I'd be completely opposed.

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