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Let me introduce you to one of the finest judges the people of Georgia are very fortunate to have.   His name is Judge Dennis Blackmon.   He is a fair judge, IMO.  He proved it back in 2007 when he awarded permanent custody  to us of our little one who had been abandoned and was the sister of our other 3 adopted grandkids.  She was 4 months old.  We fought in court from 2006 until this judge had a final say in 2007 and boy did he have a final say !!!!! We then  adopted in 2009.  

He does not play and I am Ghandi compared to this man when it comes to speaking one's mind.   He is very quite on the bench and appears to not be paying attention at all and you will be sitting on pins and needles as witness after witness appears  on your behalf and evidence is introduced.  I know.  My husband and I had two grueling days of trying to figure out his reaction to evidence and witnesses.  Talk about a poker face !!!!  We watched him taking notes and not showing any expression at all.  Not a smile.  Not a frown.   I am surprised that he didn't call me down a time or two when I had my say from the stand when rebuking some lying testimony.   He didn't.  I actually paid for that transcript because his final speech was book worthy.  When his final judgement came down in written form, it was
almost as IN YOUR FACE as the twenty minute ass chewing given to our former daughter in law that he was ruling against.   I smiled almost as much yesterday when he referred in his opinion to Alice's Restaurant regarding a Foreclosure case.  It literally hit the blogosphere last year.

The judgement that made the NY Times along with Huffington Post and several other million places is the one I will post here that would make Elizabeth Warren grin. Follow me below the squiggly because I can tell you a few things about this man a reporter cannot.   Yes, there is justice in remote places and it does prevail every now and then.  

This all happened last year and when I read it just yesterday I was smiling from ear to ear because I visualized his tone, demeanor, and just how big this ruling went for sending a message.  I think and I really don't know his politics but would hope he would sit on the Supreme Court in DC.  I have no clue what happened to his possible appointment to the 11th Circuit but here is the story in full.  The order that was heard around the world for We the People.

Here is the link to the Huffington Post .

Georgia Judge Dennis Blackmon is fed up with bailed-out banks refusing to help strapped homeowners.

"Sometimes, only the courts of law stand to protect the taxpayer. Somewhere, someone has to stand up," Blackmon wrote in a five-page Nov. 2 order in Carroll County Superior Court. "Well, sometimes is now, and the place is the Great State of Georgia. The defendant's motion to dismiss is hereby denied."

Blackmon's order shot down U.S. Bank's request to throw out a complaint from Georgia homeowner Otis Wayne Phillips, who had tried to get a mortgage modification from the bank. Phillips could not be reached for this story.

Huff Post Article

I love this quote from his findings
reference to Alice's restuarant

Judge Dennis Blackmon- You Can Get Anything You Want, At Alice’s Restaurant (Except Alice)

I knew of Judge Blackmon through a mutual friend who is an attorney and I always got the feeling Judge Blackmon was anything but as fierce as he is when making a ruling.
We had some really tough judges in Carroll County and my attorney was a magistrate judge and I always thought he was the bad ass and he is tough but OMG when we went before Blackmon, I had never ever heard an opinion with no apology to anyone for reasons for his ruling and it blowed my mind because this one is not shy on his reason for judgement.

 When this man puts on that black robe and steps on to the bench, he is not interruptive, glory grabbing, or seeking fame.  He is looking at law. He looks at evidence.  He weighs evidence and the credibility of what is presented.  He, I believe actually visualized those scales of justice.  He is one judge who tempers the letter of the law with the spirit of the law, IMO.  
This is his bio and it is too bad he was not one of the judges when Citizens United came down for a ruling.   Yes, and only yesterday did I find out that he is a combat vet.  

The Order

The Judge's bio.... after being  considered for nomination to the Top Court of the 11th Circuit.  It did not happen and some of the residents hate this judge but I have nothing but respect for him.

Times Herald Link

Blackmon has been a superior court judge for almost eight years. He has presided over all types of cases, including hundreds of criminal matters, jury trials, and contested divorces.

Prior to his election in 2004, Blackmon was a prosecutor, a public defender, and a private attorney. He appeared on behalf of clients in juvenile court, probate court, state court, superior court and federal district court.

In 2000, Blackmon was appointed associate magistrate judge, judge of Carrolton’s city court, and Carroll County Drug Court judge.

A 1978 graduate of Carrollton High School, Judge Blackmon still holds that school’s track and field records for the mile, two mile, two mile relay, and distance medley. He joined the United States Air Force and flew aboard the E-3 Sentry AWACS aircraft. During his eight year military career, he served in Al Eskon Village, Saudi Arabia, during Desert Storm, conducting air battle management, surveillance, refueling, and target acquisition and destruction. Additionally, Blackmon controlled the crowded air traffic above Panama during the capture of Manual Noriega, conducted drug surveillance and interdiction, and tracked Soviet bombers while serving in Iceland.

After returning to Carrollton, Blackmon served on the boards of the Rape Crisis Center and the Carroll County Domestic Violence Shelter, as chairman of the Planning and Zoning Board for the City of Carrollton, and as an elder of the Carrollton Presbyterian Church.

Elected twice to the Superior Court bench, Judge Blackmon increased the number of participants in the Carroll County Drug Court, and helped expand the drug court program to the entire circuit. In November 2011, Blackmon issued an order in the case of Phillips v. U.S. Bank that set off a flurry of internet conversations about the role of government, the courts, and mega-banks.

Afterwards, Blackmon received mail from as far away as New Zealand, commenting about the colorful language in his order. This January, “Consumer Reports” magazine quoted from Blackmon’s order
I guess they felt he was just another activist liberal judge.  As far as I know.. he is a republican.  I really don't know.  I know this...we need more judges not afraid to render a ruling from the bench that actually helps people.   I have a personal liking to this judge because he rendered a verdict based on actual evidence and witness testimony and common sense. I liked his order written that had Kato vs Terrible Mother in 07 ..I will spare her name although it is public record.  His opinion was awesome on that custody case and Kudos to Dennis Blackmon because he recognizes truth when it rears it's head in his courtroom.

I have to thank Judge Blackmon for the following in our lives.

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