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I’ve Had Enough!

I don’t know about the rest of you, but speaking for myself… I’ve Had Enough!

Every day since the election ended I’ve been bombarded by the media, the blogs, the entire world, it seems, by the “Fiscal Cliff”, which of course, as any of us who have a brain know is neither a cliff, nor a giant peril to life as we know it. But, what is the real issue here? There are a lot of 1% folks out there who want to get their boney claws on our social security dollars, and better yet our Medicare and medicade funds! It’s an IMPARITIVE, it must happen! They’ve been working, and scheming and twisting things to this end for a decade, and damn-it it’s not going to slip out of their grasp NOW!

AND don’t be fooled! They are both Republicans, and Democrats, they seem to include our Dear President, his cabinet, our Senate, House, Everyone! WHY!?!?! Because Our Country Is Ruled By the 1% and NOT by the PEOPLE!

I know this site is really a shill for the Dem party, and I’ll probably get booted for this, but let’s be REAL, the Dems, are just as Guilty as the Repubs… They all Live and Die for the corporations, this country is an oligarchy, and we are all just serfs!  

I’ve Had Enough!

I’m Sick and Tired of everyone thinking I’m SO freaking stupid that I don’t even know what’s right, and in my best interest! I KNOW that Sco-Sec DOES NOT contribute to the deficit! I know that the REAL issue with health care is that the costs are killing the system! STOP big Pharma! STOP the insurance CO’s! STOP the Hospital conglomerates! You’ll never see that on Holy-Holy-MSNBC (GE/COMCAST CORPORATE OWNED!)

Freakin Chris Matthews (Tweety), out there kissing every Clinton and Kennedy ASS he can find, with NO CLUE about the facts about what is REALLY going on with the 99%!!! I’m surprised he didn’t support Romney since his wife’s pay check comes from the Mormon Marriott Corp! So, let’s hear it for fair and un-biased! RIGHT….

Why aren’t we hearing let’s fall OFF the cliff and negotiate tax cuts from a position of strength? (Bernie Sanders anyone!) That would actually make more sense! Then the Repubs could vote for a tax break! But, no we keep hearing about how they need to limit deductions…NO, not for jet planes…Not for oil derricks… but for…wait… Mortgage Interest Deductions!! Yes, you heard it, those things us middle class folks get!! Same thing Dear old Uncle Ronnie did back in 1986! Screw the Middle Class and let it trickle down our legs! We’re going to fix that tax problem, oh, I mean fix it for the 1%, and shaft the rest of you middle class folks…. I’m sorry did I use the term “Middle Class”, because let’s face it, we don’t even exist anymore!

It’s the 1%, and the rest of us moocher, peon, serfs!

I’ve had Enough!

Get MAD people! I am! You should be too! You should be mad at the media for ignoring the facts, and propping up the lies, and not standing up for us, hell even doing their jobs. You should be MAD at our elected officials for taking our votes and ignoring our wishes, in favor of the $$$ they got from the PACs, and lobbyists, and special interests! You should be MAD at the parties who just spent months milking you for time, and money and support, and are now letting your interests twist in the wind since the WON!

I’ve Had Enough!


Let our voices be HEARD! Mail them, Phone them, Tweet them, Facebook Them! Whatever you can think of… It’s time to stop being polite! It’s our FUTURE, It’s Our Country’s Future! This is IMPORTANT!

Every Day – All Day – All The Time – Let Them Know!

I don’t just mean the politicians, I mean the media, and the corporations too! We’ve HAD ENOUGH! AND WE”RE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANY MORE! The Lies! The Disinformation! The Red Herrings! The BS! The Attacks on what is OURS! I’m PISSED OFF, I’m tired of being treated like I’m some sort of idiot! Get Mid-Evil, and get results and stop wishing someone else will do it for you!


Originally posted to MrQA on Thu Nov 29, 2012 at 04:53 PM PST.

Also republished by Trolls.

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