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Can you imagine an evening on Fox without Karl Rove?  How did this happen?  How could such a huge hot-air balloon deflate so quickly?

Please read below the fold.

Don't think for one second that Rove got the chop because he threw a mild tantrum when Fox called Ohio for the Bomber.  Remember, you don't get a gig on Fox unless you're good at throwing on-air tantrums.  And Rove was just as pissed off in 2008 when Virginia was called blue and the final results were, when all was said and done, in the can.  No - there's something much deeper going on here and it's another chapter in the collapse of the Republican Party.

You may recall that Rove sat on the sidelines in 2008.  Other than his spieling gig for Fox he really played no role in the Presidential campaign.  But the Citizens United decision in 2010 changed all that.  Because Rove could now go out and build his own political infrastructure with virtually unlimited financial support from anonymous donors.  Which is exactly what he did.

 He raised it and he spent it.  Maybe as much as $300 million. Know how much the Republican National Committee raised?  Try $340 million.

Karl Rove raised almost as much cash all by himself as the whole Republican party raised!

If Romney had won the election, Rove probably would have argued that his PAC was more powerful than the GOP. And he might have been right. And where would that leave Ailes and Fox?  Dependent on Rove for access and scoops from the Romney White House?  You betcha.

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  •  It would be foolhardy to believe Rove (0+ / 0-)

    has lost power.  There are so few Republicans that actually have working minds, the right will never disenfranchise Rove.

    If Bush runs in 2016, you can bet he'll be reaching out to Rove.  Actually, whoEVER who runs in 2016 will be...

    No one will ever forget what he was able to do with W, a child with only a name.

    "Get off this estate." "What for?" "Because it’s mine." "Where did you get it?" "From my father." "Where did he get it?" "From his father." "And where did he get it?" "He fought for it." "Well, I’ll fight you for it." - Carl Sandburg

    by ceebee7 on Sun Dec 09, 2012 at 05:49:14 PM PST

    •  Reply to ceebee7 (0+ / 0-)

      You're right.  He's the best of a really dismal bunch and he'll be a player because he can always get anyone he calls to come to the phone. But in the meantime, his "silence" is deafening.  Imagine how he'd be riunning around if Romney had won!

  •  R's are breaking the chains of the rove machine (0+ / 0-)

    He was a one shot pony, who only won W's re-election by running Ohio's votes through the RNC's computer system.

    His methods of dividing the electorate only worked because we had a good economy and people were too fat, dumb and happy to pay much attention to Roves tricks.

    The damage of W's reign has woken everyone up and they can see through the BS that Rove keeps trying to feed them.

    I'm sure those who donated all of that money are less than thrilled with the results.

    Rove acted like he was panicking as FOX called Ohio for Obama.

    Who would be stupid enough to give him any more money since he cannot produce the results he claimed he could get.

    He is so twentieth century!

    •  Reply to Mulkum (0+ / 0-)

      Rove practically invented wedge marketing for campaigns and you're right, when everyone's dumb, fat and happy they can afford to vote on non-issues.  Now they're all dumb and fat but not so happy so the playing-field changes.

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