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Our constitution was never meant to be reduced to a set of separate issues.   It was meant to be a coherent document for laying the foundation of a civilized society.  I am not a lawyer nor do I need to be to see so very clearly that we have been had by the NRA and their ilk in their abuse of our constitution to feed their sick need for weapons of violence.  Let me make it clear before I go on below that I was a USMC officer and used weapons of all kinds.  I qualified as expert with the MI rifle and was a winner of many competitions with the 45 pistol.  When I resigned my commission to go to graduate school (1960) my fundamentalist NRA member father-in-law took me to a NRA range so I could go on shooting.  While we were getting situated on the firing line I looked down line and some NRA gun lover was loading his weapon as it pointed down the line at me.  I said let's get out of here and we left.  In the USMC that would have been a courts martial offense!  So I am not unfamiliar with weapons nor their purpose nor the way they should be used.  My 45 was in a locked cabinet and without ammo.  There were two occasions where I carried it and carried it loaded.  One was when I was pay officer and was responsible for one huge amount of cash and the other was when I was Officer of the Day on the post.  So that should squelch some gun lovers accusations.  Now please read on below for we are talking about a special form of insanity here.

I use the word "insanity" here as I think it should be used as a neuroscientist.  The simplest way of establishing sanity or its lack is through how well in touch with reality one is.  If you are obsessed with paranoid delusions about government (a government that has you out gunned many fold) and believe you need to arm yourself to protect yourself no matter how many kids and other innocent people then I think you are clearly insane!

The second amendment was written in a time when weapons and technology and whatever were nothing even remotely close to what we have now!  The idea that you can protect yourself from drones, for example, with your arsenal is insane!

This country has a problem with reality on a very big scale.  Our government clearly does not work.  The oligarchs and plutocrats that enslave most workers  laugh all the way to the corrupt banks.

You will not protect yourself from them with guns for they already have you!  Wake up. My favorite cartoon character said it well:

We have met the enemy and it is us!
 How many kids must die before you come back to reaqlity? It is already far, far too many!

the violence we have created as a Nation

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