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On Friday, one of my co-workers stuck his head in my office and said, "There's been a shooting at a school in Newtown."  I checked the internet - it was Sandy Hook School - which is about 9 miles away - we put out a page on our intercom to alert our employees (it a large mfg plant) - there are a few people who lived in Newtown and thankfully, none of them had children at that school.  I streamed a local station and kept up-to-date or did I?  

It's now Monday morning and before I depart for the office, I wanted to share my weekend reflections and how I went from shock and denial to realizing how I am (and probably you are) part of the problem and what I plan on doing to make some necessary changes.  Please continue.

Like most, I was shocked.  I couldn't believe that someone could do that - especially in Newtown CT.  While I don't live in Newtown, I have many friends in the area.  This is almost home for me - the Principal lived in my town - she was formerly a principal in one of our towns schools - it was all so close.

I called my friends who lived there - at that point, no had been directly affected - all had been indirectly affected.

As time progressed - I learned of the misinformation.  First, they got the shooter wrong - then there were people dead in New Jersey - the shooter children went to that school....wait - no they didn't.  The Mother of the shooter was a teacher there - maybe not - an aide?  Nope.

Then the rush for numbers - two dead - six dead - eighteen dead - twenty seven dead or is it twenty six?

I listened and watched - with the rest of the nation - pours called into our office from customers and suppliers all over the country and the world checked to see if we were OK.
I had a customer from Pakistan call me - it was touching - and after their call I thought to myself - here is a person who lives with this daily and he called me.  

Saturday - all the churches in our town were open - signs said "Open, come and pray".

On Sunday, we took a short drive to place a wreath at one of the many make shift memorials - when returning home, we heard on the radio of a bomb scare at one of the churches - my wife and I just shook our heads in disbelief - "how can someone do that".

Here's how.

We are violent.  We are a violent society.  We entertain ourselves with violence.  We inform ourselves with violence.  We play violent games.  We posses violent weapons.  We speak violent words.

It's not just America - it's everywhere - from every generation - from biblical times to now, we have only become more efficient killers.

So reflecting back and considering our violent nature - if I'm shocked - I'm in denial.  That's not to say the very vast majority would ever act out like the shooter - but being surounded by all the violence - it's no longer surprising to me - just sad.  

Look at any one of the top bocx office movies - there are always at least 3 or 4 of the top 10 movies that are full of violence.

Video games - Mortal Combat - Grand Theft Auto etc.

Music - doesn't matter - Rap, Rock - too many are violent.

Sports - Ultimate fighting; boxing, football, hockey.

Internet - you want to find violence - it's a great place to start.

News - regardless of the sport - if there's a big fight - it's the headline.  The more carnage the better.  

Our country, I'm ashamed to say, does a great job a dehumanizing people.  We wage war - sometimes justified - sometimes not.  As a nation we rightfully mourn the Newtown tragedy yet, when a drone wipes out 30 people in a village - it's not even in the B section of the newspaper.  I support our President yet, reflecting on the human element - how is he or we any better than the shooter for the killings we condone? We can try to justify it - but the killing of children is not justifyable.

This could go on forever - races hating for skin colors - Nations hating other nations - peaople hating people - not for any good reason - even at DKos - the word hate, which is a strong word - gets thrown around alot.  We dehumanize - we make people into non-humans - why?  Becasue it's easier to hate.  That's the truth.  It's hard to hate a person - someone's child - someone's parent  It's easy to hate some idot racist, shallow, greedy Repug.

I am only one person, but I have made a promise to myself, my family and others that going forward that I will refrain from violence and all the violent distractions our society has to offer.

There is no single thing that can be done to make oour world better or safer - to think that passing any one law or regulation will make us safer, you're in denial.  That's not to say that passing laws and regulations can't help - they will - but that's what Government can and should do.

What will YOU do?  If you are not willing to look in the mirror and accept your responsibility - the world cannot become the better place that the vast majority want it to become.

It is up to us - each and everyone of us to do what we can.

Peace and love to all and a special thought to every and all human being who have suffered or have been killed due to violence in our world.


Will the current Newtown trgedy enlighten you to become a better person?

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    The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only legitimate object of good government. - Thomas Jefferson

    by ctexrep on Mon Dec 17, 2012 at 06:27:25 AM PST

  •  No, because I teach about a better country (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    I don't sweep this stuff under the rug either, but there's a larger point here.

    All of these diaries that divert from calls for increased gun safety to talk about root causes have me checking comments that the writer made on other things before I commit to a response. I don't have children, I don't play video games, I don't watch violent sports, I don't listen to a lot of hip hop music (and If I do I don't broadcast it to unwilling bystanders).

    I took an exam some 45 years ago in a course on Black politics that asked, among other things, "Are you a white racist? Explain." I accepted that status in 1967 and I worked to eradicate anything racist from my thinking, and I think I've done that.  This, I'm not taking responsibility for.

    -7.75, -8.10; All it takes is security in your own civil rights to make you complacent.

    by Dave in Northridge on Mon Dec 17, 2012 at 06:39:26 AM PST

  •  Neither Surprised or in Denial. Nor am I Numb. (0+ / 0-)

    For years I have seen the gun laws relaxed, and for years I have wanted them to return to where they were with new laws as needed to manage things properly, and old laws, or non enforced laws to be re-examined for resources which are wasted so they can be reassessed and reapplied properly as needed.

    Those calling for total repeal of 2nd amendment are extreme in my opinion. They advocate removal of rights in the constitution yet I am sure they were against the Patriot Act just a few years ago.

    Those who would do nothing represent the other extreme, a non defensible defense of the status quo.

    We need to return to better 'regulation' and enforcement of proper laws which expouse the responsibility of the right rights we hold.

    -6.38, -6.21: Lamented and assured to the lights and towns below, Faster than the speed of sound, Faster than we thought we'd go, Beneath the sound of hope...

    by Vayle on Mon Dec 17, 2012 at 07:15:48 AM PST

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