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Happy birthday to me
Happpy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday dear meeEEEEEeeee
Haaaaappy Biiiiiiirthday to meeeeeee.

Whoa Whoa Whoa Stream of Consciousness Man, youre thinking
Your birthday was earlier in the month and you flogged it for all it was worth then. Is this another lame attempt at presentgetting?
No, silly, not that birthday, its my Dailykos birthday.
Bang the Drum!! Sound the horn!!!  Visualize the fireworks!!
(waidddaminnite---did you say presentgetting??)

Yes thats right, 8 solid years of bloggatory bliss, intellectual challenge and internet adventure.
Wheeeeeeee! Elections! Wars!! Torture!!! Pie Fights!!! Plamegate!!!! Cheneygate!! Shotgungate!!! Occupy!! Wikileaks!!!Tanking Economies!!!Bursting Bubbles!!!Scooter Libby!! Bradley Manning!! Elizabeth Warren!!

OHMYGOD!!  I laughed I cried I hurled.

I mind back to the terrible winter of Ought Four. we were in the 3d year of our Lightning War on Iraq then  and 6 more years to go, all the time, winning hugely in Afghanistan. Kerry had lost and we felt we had no choice but to move to Oregon.  Mrs e packed up the wagon while I painted OREGON OR FUCK IT on the side and then we headed north, following the Applegate Trail till it petered out somewhere up twixt Cow Creek Canyon and Jumpoff Joe, then we switched to I-5..

When we pulled the wagon up to the homestead, the only thing we had to get by on all that first long  winter was a landline that would only carry 28bps. How we suffered though the cold, waiting for Google to come up on the screen. The 21st century equivalent of writing on a shovel with charcoal.

Times were sad and hard then as we looked forward to 4 more years of Bush. It made the cold hard winter seem, well,  colder and harder as we shivered and munched our Trader Joe's gruel and Brie, and watched the Recreational vehicle manufacturing sector of the Willamette Valley die and wither on the vine.
(6 companies in 2004, none now)

 But there was a little ray of hope---a refuge with    warm orange printing and a welcoming liberal slant. Some place warm and groovy to lick wounds and commiserate with other Democrats, learn nasty names to call  Republicans, plan treasons, strategems and spoils.
people were talking.....laughing......Flaming......pie fighting.......climbing trees.......
Giants walked the Earth then, like Bonddad, and Jerome a Paris,  and Dengre, and Armando, before he flamed out the first time.

I felt encouraged......enabled.....empowered. I remember so well the day I wanted to spread my wings and write my very own first diary and I had a ready topic to hand. By then I had my own peculiar  field of study at which I believe I became quite the expert (Mary Mapes told me so, anyway)

You see, when everybody else's attention was all on John Kerry's record and the Swiftboats, I was studying George W Bush's record and all the days he wasn't there........that he got paid for.  And how both of the only units he could possibly have been in said he wasn't there....but he still got paid. And how they kept him listed as a Pilot on Flying status for over a year after he was suspended from flying but meanwhile  still----wait for it---PAID him for being a pilot on flying status, with flight pay, for well over  a year after he was suspended from flying.

Now what the fluck, I thought,  is up with that?.
I mean these things jumped right  out at you when you straightened out his papers and put them into chronological order which, I'm more than pretty sure, was why they scrambled them up and dumped them all in a box on the press table late on a Friday afternoon. And then posted them online in a completely scrambled fashion.
Sorta proud of myself: nobody but me had figured out by then that they only did that with stuff they didn't want the media to look at closely so I thought---geeeze I wonder what theyre trying to hide. (Ol' Nastyspicious Me, but they teach it in Recondo School)
And so I started to look closer......

Tune in on Monday: I prove GWB was an embezzler. And other things

Morning Open Thread will begin in 5.....4.....3.....2.....1.....NOW!!!


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