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Luke Russert is an insufferable twit.

So this morning I’m watching MSNBC and Luke Russert is sitting in for Andrea Mitchell. Now I have long considered Andrea one of the more overrated talking heads but at least she is cogent most of the time. However, Little Luke is simply beyond the pale.

He had Randi Weingarten on his show to discuss guns in schools. To get the discussion going, Russert lets us know that he has gone to lots of college football games and noticed that they usually have armed guards at the stadium. He then segues into the logical extension that if we have armed guards at college football games we should have armed guards in the classroom. It does not seem to occur to Luke that there may be a difference between a crowd of 75,000 beer-swilling rabid partisans and a first-grade classroom. I supposed by Luke’s logic, we should also have cheerleaders in the classroom and a marching band on the playground at recess time.

But then he outdoes himself by bringing up the mental health issue. Russert notes that because of the cuts in education funding, many schools have had to eliminate counselors, school psychologists and other mental health professionals. He then brings up the need for better mental health efforts as an imperative to reduce violence, a reasonable proposition. However, he goes off the deep end by suggesting to Weingarten (and I swear I am not making this up) that the teachers’ unions give up their pensions to fund mental health professional salaries!

So there you have it sports fans, Luke Russert thinks we need armed guards in the schools because, well, he has seen them at college football games. And increasing mental health services is a swell idea that should be paid for by gutting teachers’ pensions.

Just when I though Wayne LaPierre was the craziest person on the face of the earth, along comes the seed of Timmy to prove me wrong. Tim was just a twit, but son of Tim is an insufferable twit.

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