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Did you see this?

W o w . . .    So Bob Johnson busts us in prodigal son Pontificator's diary asking Who can update me on Daily Kos gossip?

Pontificator asks:

I haven't been following Daily Kos for awhile.  My absence has nothing to do with site quality, which I can see from my occasional visits is as high as ever, but rather due to life demands of work and raising kids. One thing I miss though, other than the trenchant political and social commentary, is news on how everything is going. So, can anyone fill me in on the following.  Over the past two years:

1. Have there been any big "pie fights"?

2. Have there been any prominent GBCWs?

3. Are there any new DK superstars?

4. Have any of the beloved contributors gone off the deep end?

5.  Anything else of note happening?

So Bob Johnson responds with this:
A small committee met... (102+ / 0-)
... and ousted kos. The company and the blog are now being run by Armando out of a base of operations in Cuba, assisted by Navajo who acts as his enforcer, stateside.

Meteor Blades is running a resistance underground to Armando's efforts and trying to reinstate kos to the top spot.

In the meantime, many of us are laying low, waiting for the smoke to clear.

Suffice it to say, the whole thing is a mess.

Be glad you missed it.

by Bob Johnson on Thu Dec 27, 2012 at 02:08:32 PM PST

People, we've been busted. You've all caught me at a weak moment and I'm going to spill my guts. It is the New Year when one does this sort of thing.

Armando and I have Markos confined in a bunker at an undisclosed location. He's safe for now. He's only lost 10 lbs. and is thanking us. (Gawd, I would love to lose 10 lbs.) Armando has big plans for the site and Markos was seen as an obstacle. Armando and I started this operation in July. We took over the site then and that's how we won the election. At that time, I began laying the supports to sustain this takeover. Armando had me begin to organize regional groups with the plan that they all would finally be named Armandillos. NO. It's not a food. It's a faction.

All groups organized here under the Kossack designation will now be known as... "whatever" Armandillos. For example. SFKossacks is now SFArmandillos. Los Angeles Kossacks? NOW, Los Angeles Armandillos.

You are all now owned by Armando.


Meanwhile, Meteor Blades is running vegan pizzas to Markos's supporters. His group is now infamously named the Meteoristas. He plans to restore the site to Markos's control and continue with the DK5 mission.

MB plans to do whatever it takes to regain power. Such as, dodge thousands of HRs while defying gravity, bend spoons with his mind and eat The Oracle's cookies, if it is necessary. He's had all the Kung Fu software installed. Could he be the One?

It was noted in that thread that Armando has issues with Meteor Blades's opposition:

What the eff is he still doing here? (19+ / 0-)


by Armando on Thu Dec 27, 2012 at 03:32:13 PM PST

Of course, this helps, from Bob Johnson:
I've been in contact with Raoul Castro. (11+ / 0-)
You'll soon be booted from the Bebe Rebozo estate.

by Bob Johnson on Thu Dec 27, 2012 at 05:26:24 PM PST

Now that you know the truth, you must choose.

Is it the new Armando i.e. Armando 2.0 to be your leader?

Or Meteor Blades and his plan to restore Markos to the helm?

Latest Updates on Kossack Regional Meet-Up News Below the Fold

Mothership Year-End Subscription/Donor List

This is the remaining list from the War on the War on Christmas Drive. It will stay up through New Year's Eve. Point possible Kossack Donors to this list.

Give them a prescription subscription to Daily Kos!

Trenz Pruca
buckshot face
Frank Cocozzelli
Here's the list of those who have already received gift subs from generous donors:
1. ✓ lpggirl - given by boadicea
2. ✓ scarletraven - given by boadicea
3. ✓ Fishgrease - given by Raina? where4art?
4. ✓ stevie avebury - given by boadicea
5. ✓ scamperdo
6. ✓ secret38b - given by boadicea
7. ✓ Texdude50 - given by Wendella and Steveningen for a second year?
8. ✓ BoiseBlue - given by eeff
9. ✓ Homer177 - given by SoCaliana
10. ✓ Kaos - given by Lorikeet
11. ✓ empty vessel - given by blue jersey mom
12. ✓ Ole Texan - given by politik
13. ✓ Annalize5 - given by joanbrooker
14. ✓ luckydog - given by Shockwave
15. ✓ pale cold - Thank you diary
16. ✓ suesue
17. ✓ northerntier
18. ✓ LilithGardener
19. ✓ blue91 - given by m00finsan
20. ✓ Senor Unoball - given by paradise50
21. ✓ Sand Hill Crane
22. ✓ gabriella - given by smileycreek
23. ✓ KentuckyKat
24. ✓ entrelac - given by norm
25. ✓ teknohed - given by Glen The Plumber
26. ✓ kbman - Thank you diary
27. ✓ Bob Love
28. ✓ misterwade - given by mergenow
29. ✓ smiley7 - given by 3goldens
30. ✓ MajorKong - given by SoCaliana
31. ✓ InsultComicDog - given by RenaRF
32. ✓ OIL  GUY - given by zenbassoon
33. ✓ CherrytheTart - given by zenbassoon
34. ✓ ncheyenne - given by TomP and Effervescent
35. ✓ FloridaSNMOM - given by joanbrooker
36. ✓ Thomasina - given by side pocket
37. ✓ dadadata
38. ✓ eXtina - given by Steveningen & maryabein
39. ✓ gritsngumbo - given by maggiejean
40. ✓ grannycarol - given by proud mom and grandma
41. ✓ jillS
42. ✓ Nebraska68847Dem
43. ✓ Majordomo - Thank you diary
44. ✓ Yo Bubba
45. ✓ dweb8231
46. ✓ imonlylurking
47. ✓ chancew - Thank you diary
48. ✓ mconvente - Thank you diary
49. ✓ GreenMountainBoy02 - given by northerntier
50. ✓ mattc129
51. ✓ trebligoniqua - comment
52. ✓ marzook - given by ? & Fishgrease (2 yrs?)
53. ✓ Railfan
54. ✓ doraphasia
55. ✓ cosette
56. ✓ Grizzard - given by Another Grizzle
57. ✓ john07801 - given by side pocket
58. ✓ mali muso - given by hazey
59. ✓ sboucher - Thank you diary
60. ✓ liz dexic comment
61. ✓ jan4insight - comment
62. ✓ War on Error - Thank you diary
63. ✓ hamm
64. ✓ Apost8
65. ✓ Frisbeetarian
66. ✓ AnnetteK - Thank you diary
67. ✓ I love OCD
68. ✓ missLotus - comment
69. ✓ Socratic Method
70. ✓ StepLeftStepForward
71. ✓ surelyujest - given by peregrine kate
72. ✓ tim wise - given by Mark Sumner
73. ✓ BARAKABETH - given by Rollergirls
74. ✓ quiet in NC
75. ✓ joe shikspack
76. ✓ Mets102 - given by Dave in Northridge
77. ✓ Dem Beans - given by VeloVixen
78. ✓ New Deal democrat - given by Fishgrease
79. ✓ DoReMI - given by surelyujest
80. ✓ Cartoon Peril - given by linkage Thank you diary
81. ✓ bluebarnstormer - given by eeff
82. ✓ Transmission
83. ✓ FiredUpInCA - given by hulibow
84. ✓ Steve15 - given by Fishgrease
85. ✓ LinSea - given by Fishgrease
86. ✓ Future Gazer - given by Fishgrease
87. ✓ glescagal - given by tgypsy
88. ✓ gypsytoo
89. ✓ Im a frayed knot - given by plf515 Thank you diary
90. ✓ bayushisan - given by SoCaliana
91. ✓ chandu - given by navajo
92. ✓ Fresno - given by navajo
93. ✓ jadt65 - given by navajo
94. ✓ MrNavajo - given by navajo
95. ✓ dov12348 - given by plf515
96. ✓ volleyboy1 - given by plf515
97. ✓ kalmoth - given by plf515
98. ✓ Manny - given by plf515
99. ✓ Joe Buck - given by plf515
100. ✓ OnlyWords - given by plf515
101. ✓ political junquie
102. ✓ dirkster42 Thank you diary
103. ✓ ranger995 - given by DaNang65
104. ✓ BigOkie given by SteelerGrrl
105. ✓ Sharon Wraight
106. ✓ PhishRapper
107. ✓ Mayfly
108. ✓ Ray Pensador
109. ✓ Anthony Page aka SecondComing
110. ✓ MBNYC given by sidnora
111. ✓ Wendy Slammo
112. ✓ justmy2
113. ✓ A Southerner in Yankeeland
114. ✓ khloemi - given by remembrance
115. ✓ Addison
116. ✓ Laurel in CA
117. ✓ timmyc
118. ✓ mygreekamphora
119. ✓ von Dutch
120. ✓ RobLewis
121. ✓ HoosierD42
122. ✓ Mr Robert Thank you diary
123. ✓ Man Oh Man
124. ✓ myrealname
125. ✓ moose67
126. ✓ Gustogirl - given by Cosmic Debris & War on Error
127. ✓ coolelegans
128. ✓ Zaq
129. ✓ Mary Mike
130. ✓ The Dave
131. ✓ Floyd Blue
132. ✓ Josiah Bartlett
133. ✓ ca union goon
134. ✓ chantedor given by navajo
135. ✓ CIndyCasella
136. ✓ theotherside
137. ✓ Sacramento Dem
138. ✓ ThirstyGator
139. ✓ cynndara
140. ✓ hankmeister
141. ✓ Tchrldy given by Smoh
Special thanks to eeff for mining names and nomandates for linking all the names and maintaining the list.

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Let's build communities!

Every region needs a meat-space community like SFKossacks.
We take care of each other in real life.
I urge YOU to take the lead and organize one in your region.
Please tell us about it if you do and we're here for advice.


:: Regions Organizing ::
Send a Kosmail to the organizers and ask for an invitation to the group.
Cleveland and Northeast Ohio Area:  Kosmail: GenXangster

Northern Indiana Area: Kosmail Tim Delaney

Indianapolis Kossacks: Kosmail CityLightsLover

Long Island: Kosmail grannycarol

Northern Michigan: Kosmail JillS

Nebraska: Kosmail Nebraska68847Dem

Westburbia Chicago Kossacks: Kosmail Majordomo

New York Hudson Valley Kossacks: Kosmail boran2

North Carolina Triangle Kossacks: Kosmail highacidity

Caprock Kossacks (Panhandle/Caprock/Lubbock/Amarillo area) : Kosmail shesaid

West Texas Kossacks (including Big Bend Region and El Paso) : Kosmail Yo Bubba

Note to the above new leaders: Feel free to leave a comment any day reminding readers about your new group. Also, tell us about your progress in gathering members. Kosmail me when you've chosen a good name for your group and have created a the group. Then I'll move you to the NEW GROUPS LIST. When you've planned a date for your first event I'll make a banner for you to highlight your event in our diaries and your diaries.
These are the groups that have started since * NEW DAY * began. Please Kosmail navajo if you have started a group before that.

California Central Valley Kossacks - Formed: Jul 29, 2012, Organizer: tgypsy, 23 members

New England Kossacks - Formed: Aug 6, 2012, Organizers:
Clytemnestra for Lower New England (Conneticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island)
GreenMountainBoy02 for Upper New England (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont), 116 members

Houston Area Kossacks - Formed: Aug 7, 2012, Organizer: Chrislove, 20 members

Kossacks in India - Formed: Aug 14, 2012, Organizer: chandu

CenTex Kossacks - Formed: Sep 9, 2012, Organizer: papa monzano, 8 members

Central Ohio Kossacks - Formed: Sep 26, 2012, Organizer: VetGrl, 16 members

Kansas City Kossacks - Formed Oct 15, 2012, Organizer: kj in missouri

Phoenix Kossacks - Formed Oct 16, 2012, Organizer: arizonablue

Chicago Kossacks - Formed: Oct 31, 2012, Organizer: figbash, 23 members

Koscadia the Pacific Northwest coast from Northern California to Alaska  
- Formed Oct 17, 2012, Oganizer: Horace Boothroyd III based in Portland, OR

Boston Kossacks - Formed: Nov 7, 2012, Organizer: GreyHawk

Motor City Kossacks South East Michigan (Detroit) Area - Formed: Nov 10, 2012, Organizer:  peregrine kate

Pittsburgh Area Kossacks - Formed: Nov 12, 2012, Organizer: dweb8231,
Current diary: After a "Brief Delay" Pgh. Area Kossacks Gets Rolling

Salt Lake City Kossacks - Formed: Nov 17, 2012, Organizer: War on Error

Twin Cities Kossacks - Formed: Nov 17, 2012, Organizer: imonlylurking
Current diary: Twin Cities Kossacks-when should we meet? Poll included!

Dallas Kossacks North Texas - Formed: Nov 21, 2012, Organizer:  chancew
Current diary: Dallas Kossacks, I need suggestions!

The Southern California Inland Empire Kossacks - Formed: Dec 3, 2012, Organizer: SoCaliana

Los Angeles Kossacks - Formed: Dec 17, 2012, Organizer: Shockwave

ESTABLISHED GROUPS LIST: (List will grow as we discover them)

SFKossacks Founded by navajo, Formed: May 2, 2005, More than 80 members

Maryland Kos Founded by timmyc, Formed: Feb 23, 2011, More than 54 members

New York City Founded by Eddie C, More than 58 members - Contact the group organizer for meet-up events: sidnora

Baja Arizona Kossacks Event Organizer: Azazello, 90 members

Three Star Kossacks Tennessee, Founded by maryKK, Formed: Apr 8, 2011, 46 members

Nashville KosKats Founded by ZenTrainer, Formed: Jan 30, 2012, 28 members

Virginia Kos Founded by JamieG from Md, Formed: May 3, 2011, 85 members

Kos Georgia Founded by pat208, Formed: Feb 13, 2011, 18 members

Colorado COmmunity Founded by Leftcandid, Formed: Feb 13, 2011, 25 members

New Mexico Kossaks Founded by claude, 13 members

Philly Kos Founded by mconvente, Formed: Aug 29, 2011, 15 members
Currently organizing: Kosmail asterkitty to sign up

DKos Florida Founded by ThirstyGator, Formed: Feb 14, 2011, 33 members
Currently organizing: Kosmail Vetwife to be included in next event.

Oklahoma Roundup Founded by BigOkie, Formed: Feb 13, 2011, 12 members
Currently organizing: Kosmail peacearena to be included.
Okla-homies, let's get together (new regional organizing group)

:: Events Currently on the Books for ALL Kossacks ::
DailyKos readers who live and/or work in New England
(Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont)


Saturday, January 12th
New England Kossacks MEET-UP

TIME: 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
LOCATION: Fire and Ice
One Providence Place • Providence, RI

ORGANIZER: Send Clytemnestra a Kosmail to RSVP.

1. Clytemnestra
2. AnotherMassachusettsLiberal
3. Knockbally
4. CTLiberal
1. aaraujo
2. gchaucer2
3. Phil S 33
4. annieli
5. Moody Loner
6. mommyp00ka
7. Littlep00ka
8. RubDMC
9. bjedward
Latest diary: New England Kossacks - What are you doing January 12, 2013?
Saturday, January 12th
Los Angeles Kossacks MEET-UP

TIME: 2:00 PM
LOCATION:  Casey's Irish Pub
 613 South Grand Avenue  • Downtown Los Angeles

ORGANIZER: Send Shockwave a Kosmail to RSVP.

1. Shockwave
2. Dave in Northridge
3. occams hatchet
4. equern
5. delphine
6. Neither Nor
7. Gay CA Democrat
8. SanFernandoValleyMom
9. susans
10. Joe Bacon
11. jakedog42
12. BruinKid
Latest diary: Los Angeles Kossacks 1st Meeting. Way cool dudes!
Saturday, January 19th
Southern California Inland Empire Kossacks MEET-UP
TIME: 12:00 Noon
LOCATION: The Old Spaghetti Factory
3191 Mission Inn Avenue  • Riverside

ORGANIZER: Send SoCaliana a kosmail to RSVP

1. SoCaliana
2. jakedog42
3. pucklady
4. RedlandsDem
5. OjaiValleyCali


Latest diary: Inland Empire Kossacks - RSVP
Saturday, January 19th

SAVE THE DATE: Dinner with Dave in Northridge

LOCATION II: After dinner, The Mint, for karaoke!

1. navajo
2. Dave in Northridge
3. Steveningen
4. Steve's squeeze, I forgot his user name
5. Lusty
Monday, January 21st
Watching the 2013 Inauguration - Swearing-In, Inaugural Address, and Parade

TIME: 8:00 or 9:00 AM - Noon (TBD)
LOCATION:  Kestrel's place in Sacramento
Directions will be provided by private email to those who RSVP

ORGANIZER: Send tgypsy a kosmail to RSVP

1. Kestrel
2. tgypsy
3. cooper888
4. gotmooned
5. paradise50
6. norm
Latest diary: Central Valley Kossacks: Two Meet Ups in One Diary
Tuesday, January 29th
Watching the 2013 State of the Union Address

TIME: 5:30 PM
LOCATION:  cooper888 and gotmooned's place in Sacramento (Natomas)
Directions will be provided by private email to those who RSVP.
ORGANIZER: Send tgypsy a kosmail to RSVP

1. Kestrel
2. tgypsy
3. cooper888
4. gotmooned
Latest diary: Central Valley Kossacks: Two Meet Ups in One Diary
DailyKos readers who live and/or work in New England
(Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont)


Saturday, February 16th
Northern New England Meetup in Portsmouth, NH

TIME: 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
LOCATION:  Margaritas Mexican Restaurant
775 Lafayette Road  • Portsmouth

ORGANIZER: Send GreenMountainBoy02 a Kosmail to RSVP.

1. GreenMountainBoy02
Latest diary: Northern New England Meetups in Portsmouth, NH
Graphic Mash by Papa Manzano
Saturday, March 2nd or 9th
Lone Star Spring Texas State-Wide Meet-Up in Austin


ORGANIZER: Send nomandates Kosmail to RSVP.

1. nomandates                    
 2. teknohed
 3. papa monzano
 4. Chrislove
 5. Chrislove's BF
 6. glorificus
 7. politik
 8. anotherdemocrat
 9. Odysseus
10. suesue
11. blue armadillo
12. texasmom
13. texasdad
14. htowngenie
15. navajo (honorary TX Kossack!)
16. afisher
17. manoffire
18. Wino
19. Mrs. Wino
20. VinaMist
21. doraphasia
22. Urban Owl
23. Texdude50
24. icelus
25. mr pea
26. entrelac
27. Mr. entrelac
28. JayRaye

 1. Mosquito Pilot
 2. Over the Edge

Latest diary: Turning Texas Blue: Lone Star Spring Meet-Up

Send navajo a kosmail if you post a diary about an event so we can update our round-up.

Okay. Floor's open.
Tell us what you are doing on this NEW DAY?

Originally posted to DIVA on Sat Dec 29, 2012 at 07:30 AM PST.

Also republished by Connect! Unite! Act! and SFKossacks.


Which community overlord are you going with?

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62%61 votes
18%18 votes

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