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For the past year, young Black men have been shot on the streets of Chicago and CNN has not covered the story at all.  When there was some token coverage, the victims were painted as gang members and thugs.  No funerals were ever covered.  No donation funds were ever highlighted.  A blog was setup, in fact, even giving detailed maps and profiles of the shootings, but where was CNN?  CNN chose not to cover the story.

There was a shooting in New York City of a young Black man and CNN did cover that story.  They painted the victim as a thug and a criminal stating that this was a "professional hit" and then went on to highlight the victims drunk&disorderly arrest at an Usher concert.  Nevermind the FACT that this young Black man was an aspiring law school student and the loving father of children.  All those FACTS were not reported by CNN.

A natural disaster, Hurricane Sandy, occurs and CNN shows a bunch of middle-aged white men breaking into a grocery store and the reporter labels them as loving parents trying to find food for their children.  The camera then moves towards another grocery store where Black men are breaking into it and the reporter wonders aloud "Where are the police?"

A mass shooting takes place in Newtown CT.  Newtown CT is a wealthy White community and the kind of storybook legend.  Immediately, CNN covers the entire story and even highlights donation funds where we can all contribute.  

A shooting takes place in Aurora Colarado and CNN highlights the shooter's academic success.  They paint the man as a tragic story of a man who blew up mentally.  

I know many people do not like to hear it, but the truth is very plain and that truth is that CNN hates Black people.  They dont care about the young Black men who get shot on the streets every day and who are the bulk of the victims of such random violence.  When shootings of Black men are reported on CNN, both the victims and the shooters are labeled as thugs and gang members.  In contrast, when the shooter is a White person they are painted as a mental patient who really had no ill will or criminal intentions.  White victims of shootings have donation funds and memorials setup.  Black victims have no donation funds setup.  CNN doesnt cover the funerals of Black men.

Join me today in my quest to ban CNN reporters from the White House.  If CNN feels there is no place for young Black men in their reporting then there is no place for them covering political events at the White House.  They can cover stories at the gates rather then inside getting personal with the President.

Sign my petition and help us rid this world of racism by first ridding the White House of CNN.  A more responsible network can go ahead and cover that story.



Does CNN hate Black people?

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