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I thought for sure that he would not make a deal in the end with Obama, but it appears that he did manage to throw water on those lines in the sand that Obama drew and make a fiscal deal that passed both houses of Congress.  I argued that McConnell could not make a deal with someone who is considered evil incarnate in Kentucky, at least not do that and keep his seat in 2014.  I stated that McConnell would throw in some poison pill to kill the deal at the last minute.

Instead, McConnell planted a time bomb that is waiting to go off in two months.

We get to go through all this again in two months with this shitty deal that was negotiated.  Republicans are itching to extract huge spending cuts when we have to deal with the idiotic debt ceiling.  Obama swore in public that he wanted to do away with that issue in this round of negotiations, but you all saw how that line in the sand disappeared.

Anybody here believe that Obama will stick to his guns the next time this comes up in two months?

I think the debt ceiling hostage taking will be McConnell's escape hatch with the bigots and idiots back home.  He might be in trouble now, but when he and his fellow Republicans threaten to destroy what is left of the American economy, Obama and the Democrats will cave.  I expect Medicare and Social Security "entitlement reforms" to be enacted - savage cuts that is.

Remember how quickly Obama was to throw in a chained CPI for Social Security as a sweetener for this most recent deal. Granted, it did not come to fruition, but you can bet that Republicans have not forgotten how Obama behaved and about that offer.  Obama is willing to sacrifice major Democratic programs to satisfy Republicans.

I know what you are thinking.  "Those cuts would hurt a lot of Kentuckians, so why would the voters in Kentucky cheer for that?'  We have a lot of people who want to see Obama embarrassed or hurt, and if they have to cut off their noses to spite their faces, so be it.  Besides, those that support cuts in Medicare and Social Security believe that others benefiting from those programs are freeloaders, except for themselves of course.

So Mitch McConnell was smarter than I thought.  He might take a small hit now for dealing with the Devil, but he get his due in two months.

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  •  Mitch McConnell (6+ / 0-)

    . . .did what is best for Mitch McConnell. The man doesn't have a decent bone in his body.

  •  It's about believing vs. understanding (0+ / 0-)
    I know what you are thinking.  "Those cuts would hurt a lot of Kentuckians, so why would the voters in Kentucky cheer for that?'  We have a lot of people who want to see Obama embarrassed or hurt, and if they have to cut off their noses to spite their faces, so be it.
    Belief is always stronger than logic.  The fact that so many have self destructive beliefs "can't" be right to them.  Changing these beliefs requires an understanding in moral psychology.  Bombarding them with facts only shuts them down.
  •  McConnel got word that the Taiwan industrial (0+ / 0-)

    complex wanted the deal to go through.

    I'd tip you but they cut off my tip box. The TSA would put Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad on the no-fly list.

    by OHdog on Wed Jan 02, 2013 at 10:10:18 AM PST

  •  Was Curious About Who Set Up The Fiscal Cliff (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    lina, Manny

    We can blame the Republicans for using the debt ceiling for hostage taking in 2011 that set up the Fiscal Cliff compromise. I guess it was fitting that Biden and McConell negotiated to get us out of it because they both were instrumental in getting us into it.

    On the evening of July 31, 2011, Obama announced that the leaders of both parties in both chambers had reached an agreement that would reduce the deficit and avoid default.[6] The same day, Speaker of the House John Boehner's office outlined the agreement for House Republicans.[15] One key element in the deal being reached and the logjam being broken earlier that afternoon was U.S. Vice President Joe Biden's ability to negotiate with his 25-year Senate colleague, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.[16][17][18] Biden had spent the most time bargaining with Congress on the debt question of anyone in the administration, and McConnell had viewed him as the one most trustworthy
  •  What McConnell was NOT going to do was to be (0+ / 0-)

    left holding the bag if we went over the Cliff, because Boehner had failed dramatically, invoked the Lord, and punted the whole mess to McConnell.

    McConnell punted it right back, full of little deals here and there whose passage benefited Rs, that 'pork' they claim they hate, thus demonstrating that McConnell could deliver both the better image of bipartisanship that  Boehner refused to do, AND get the pork that makes it savory. The huge R vote in the Senate is evidence of that, since he has more Tea Partiers than voted no.

    I think we will be delighted to find some of the stuff laid in that bill, that McConnell provided while Boehner did whatever else he was doing. It doesn't hurt McConnell that McConnells' control over his caucus is still in decent shape, and Boehner had his own Majority Leader voting the other way, with a lot of company. And had Boehner thought ahead and come up with amendments which weredrafted and ready to go,we'd be in a different spot. There is no way McConnell didn't have his list ready when the last minute and Biden came, so a deal could mechanically go forward, but the folk who wanted the amendments for spending were left there without even drafting pencils in their hands. There was no time to draft that 150 pages or even for Biden and McConnell to read it all.

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