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Just a quick diary to spread this wonderful video of Lawrence O'Donnell tonight. It's a must-see segment about what Sen. Reid did alone on the Senate floor today, a truly beautiful thing to watch as so many Obama nominees get confirmed with 100 votes.

Here's a bit of the text:

“Harry Reid, who every day does much more than most people in the news media realize, and definitely accomplishes much more than the news media ever reports, pushed through pages and pages of nominations for President Obama yesterday when everyone was focused on what the House would do on the fiscal cliff vote. And Harry Reid did that with the active but invisible help of Mitch McConnell who did his part to make sure that no Republicans would vote against any of those nominations. And what did the United States Senate do today, that dysfunctional United States Senate? According to the news media, absolutely nothing.”

Wed Jan 02, 2013 at  9:17 PM PT: This happened in an empty Senate today at 5:03pm while the whole news media was only talking about the House. The best story was what Sen. Reid did today. Go Harry!

Wed Jan 02, 2013 at 11:10 PM PT: Many thanks to Eileen B for her help embedding the video, you have the patience of a saint!

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