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Energy Matters reports 1.3 Million Solar Power Systems In Germany, in a record setting year. German solar photovoltaic collectors generated 28 billion kilowatts, in 2012, supplying 5% of Germany's total demand for electricity.

According to the German Solar Industry Association (BSW-Solar), Germany now boasts 1.3 million solar power systems - with most of those privately owned. These systems generated an estimated 28 billion kilowatt hours of clean electricity last year; representing year on year growth of 45 percent.

Chief executive of the Solar Industry Federation Carsten Koernig said solar power's share of Germany's energy supply had quadrupled in three years and the price of solar panel systems halved. ...

Photovoltaics in Germany currently supply around five percent of electricity demand. By 2020, BSW-Solar aims to see PV's share in Germany's electricity mix reach at least 10 percent and at least 20 percent by 2030.

Germany's strong push for solar power has been a key driving force for reducing the cost of solar panels and related parts around the world.


Now, with prices of lithium-ion batteries dropping, just as predicted, BSW expects to see an upsurge of consumers adding batteries to their systems, in 2013, to boost self-consumption rather than selling their power to the grid under "feed-in tariff arrangements" which it expects will offer a higher financial returns to consumers, and improve limitations with intermittency, (variations in weather, and day-night cycles.)  

Increasing numbers of consumers are attracted to the idea of self-reliance, and being able to maintain electricity during blackouts caused by storms, or utility induced peak load management crises during heat waves.  

And, if you go to google images, and enter "German solar energy" you will see many beautiful and historic churches, and fair tale-like Bavarian country-sides, that have incorporated solar panels in a way that preserves the natural beautify or their historical architecture, and scenic country side.  

Here comes the sun to help give us a brighter, cleaner, and less expensive energy future and reduce carbon emissions.  

7:16 PM PT: A. Siegel brings this inspiration link to our attention describing the changes to the mindset of Germans as solar energy spreads through the country side and economy.

Energy Bookshelf: Making a Clean Break with an Energiewende

With Clean Break, a recommended 99 cent ‘Kindle Single’ purchase/read, Osha Gray Davidson has provided English speakers an enjoyable and illuminating look at Germany’s Energiewende — that wholesale societal shift commonly translated as “energy shift” and “energy transition”.   Despite its booming economy — in the powerhouse position of Europe — and the mounting role that solar power is playing in its electricity system, despite having the solar resources of Alaska, anti-clean energy attack sound machine (like too much of the Grand Oil Party) pound home misdirections and erroneous information about Germany’s move toward a clean-energy economy.  Clean Break, which reads like a collection of short essays, provides an easy-read counterpoint to that sound machine.

Originally posted to Kosowatt on Wed Jan 09, 2013 at 12:38 PM PST.

Also republished by SciTech, And Now for Something Completely Different , Climate Change SOS, DK GreenRoots, and Climate Hawks.

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