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Lets's debunk some of the NRA's stupider arguments:
1. Gun laws won't work because criminals don't obey laws. Well duh, why do we bother having laws against anything, since criminals don't obey laws? We spend trillions on cops, prosecutors, judges and prisons and we still have crime, but we believe it's worth it because presumably we would have even MORE crime otherwise. Stronger gun laws will not eliminate gun deaths, but it will make them less frequent.
2. Violence in video games and movies, or lack of mental illness treatment, not guns, cause gun deaths. Another duh! These games and movies are just as popular in other countries, and there are mentally ill people all over the world, but other countries don't have the same rate of gun deaths because they don't allow every nutter to own a gun. And who's going to pay for mental illness treatment? Who decides who's mentally ill?* Plus a little thing called freedom of speech might make it hard to censor games and movies. Which brings me to...,
3. The Second Amendment. Gun nuts argue that the constitution protects unfettered access to guns. Rather ironic to see these same people who argue this are ready to dump the First Amendment right to free speech. News Flash: all constitutional rights have limits. We have a First Amendment right to gather peacefully to petition the government for redress of grievances, but just try having 50 people doing exactly that in Boehner's living room or even in the public hallway in front of his House office. They will be arrested. All of our other constitutional rights have limits so why not gun rights?

*I think you can make a case that anyone who votes Republican is mentally ill and should not own guns. What kind of nut votes for a party that denies clear scientific evidence on global warming, the age of the earth, and the health effects of pollution? What wacko votes for a party that promotes fantasies for political gain, such as "Obama was born in Kenya", or "abortions cause breast cancer"? And of course you have to be crazy to vote for a politician who believes government is incapable of useful accomplishments - talk about a self-fulfilling prophecy!

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