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I'm just checking real facts so we can debate this issue with more clarity. Enclosed are some YouTube examples of not only a 50 round drum firing on semi-auto, but with a still legal slide stock , a AR-15 or a AK is turned into a full automatic or one can fire in more accurate and deadly three round bursts. The cost of the Bump fire stocks seem to be around $350.00. It's not exactly like an full auto in that a shooter may have to practice a bit, but look at the videos and you decide.

I clocked a few shooters on You tube emptying a 50 round mag on semi-auto in 8-9 seconds with accurate fire. It's actually more accurate to go with semi-auto and 3-4 round bursts then to unload a magazine in a second or so on full auto with the recoil pushing the barrel up.  I have a 9mm with a 12 round mag I can unload in 2 seconds.

The Cyclic fire rate on a M-16 according to specs is 750-900 rounds per minute on full auto. Obviously that can't be done when most of them are equipped with 30 round magazines and it's a long jail sentence if you get caught with a military M-16.

It's not easy to convert a AR-15 to a full M-4 or M-16 but it can be done with a good gunsmith. The Bump Slide solution is the easiest and it's legal .  

Lets got to the visuals . First up the Bump Fire method.

Here is one with two 50 round drums mounted .

It looks like Cyclic rate is about twice that of a semi-auto and about 80% of a M-4.

Now lets look at the "1 second " talking point the NRA is using to convince people that reducing Magazine size is futile because they could just pop another mag in.  Lets not hold back . Here's one with a fully trained  Marine.

Granted 2.5 seconds is not much time. But it was enough to stop the Gabby Gifford shooter. Of course he could have come in with some mods and used that Glock with two mounted 50 round drums. He only had a 30 round one.

Lets look at a shooter just firing on semi-auto .

It's just not the assault weapon per se, there are attachments to turn one of the popular handguns into full autos as well as longer barrel attachments to get more range.

There are no statistics I can find where someone has successfully used a AR-15 in self-defense against a similarly equipped "bad Guy"

Finally this point. A New Gang Banger may have a clean record and is there for a law abiding citizen under the NRA definition. That new Gang Banger may have to show what he's made of with his very first drive-by shooting. Now if he or she has a bump slide equipped rifle and the car is going fast , that means airborne projectiles that can go for a few miles.

Let’s look at a shooter firing a .223 at  1000 yards targets. He's having trouble. 400 Yard shots (4 football fields, are much easier to make)

One thing we do know is that a "real" auto is a good way to go to jail for years.  I am 100% certain that the same penalty will not apply even with a bump fire .223 AR-15. I don't think any congressional action will take place at all.

Nevertheless, visual proof is far more helpful than an emotional argument.  We saw the videos on the MSM shooting 9mm and Glock .40 Calibers. Compare those with the above and remember it won’t be at a static target. It will be against a fast walking crazy person firing loud and fast. That’s a world of difference then a few days of training with static targets at almost point blank range.

Update: How about a belt fed AR-15. I assume if you have the Bump Slide
You have a full auto belt-fed killing machine.

Originally posted to Dburn on Thu Jan 17, 2013 at 01:42 PM PST.

Also republished by Shut Down the NRA.

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