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It's not a surprise to say that most of us live in a world where our facebook feeds, twitter feeds and others are spending their day cheering or booing the inauguration of a president.  As I listen to all of the wailing today, I realize that we have turned a page in history and the wailing is part of the death throes of ideas long since past.

I always loved the Wicked Witch scene, as she melts away and all of her base folds from under her.  

Republicans and Conservatives are up in arms over Obama taking a second term.   The reason why they are wailing louder and harder now is that the death throes of some ideas are entering their final phases, melting away.

Over the next four years:  

Gay Marriage and Gay Rights will become more standardized across the country.  Once those rights are given and in full effect they will be more and more in the minority of stripping them away, rendering their ideas foolish and anachronistic.

More minorities will become US Citizens, or become of age to vote.   Many who haven't voted will vote for the first time in 2016, and the GOP can't gain any traction amongst those groups.   All of the Nate Silver math - as fantastic as it is, doesn't get at the point that as more "unlikely voters" become voters, and more "likely voters" leave the voting pool for multiple reasons.  And those new voters are with us.

We're likely to have two USSC judges appointed, setting the court for a good while and giving a chance to change the court.

More judges on the federal circuit benches.

Most importantly, we are now a liberal country.   As loud as the screaming is from the witch, the reality is math and election results.

Now, we must turn to local districts, house of representatives, state representatives.

The first time a relative met my wife they were .. perplexed that I would marry someone "she's not white".   Now, 15 years later, I can't imagine that reaction.   We are in a country that has witnessed the passing of segregationists who wailed all the way out the door.    There was a time where people who opposed interracial marriages were a large body.. now it's a lunatic fringe.  

Each generation has moved the ball forward for inclusion of all.

Don't mind the Republicans screaming today.   Even the Wicked Witch had an awesome death scene.   Just enjoy it with some popcorn.   For all the wailing, dawn is on America today and we move forward.


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