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This week, without further adieu, we have Taymatt with the Team Kaels raid report:

It was back to the Terrace of Endless Spring this week for team Kaels. We took care of the Protectors again on Tuesday and got some good work in on Tsulong, the second of four bosses in this raid instance. We refined our strategy a touch and defeated the encounter tonight.

This boss is a two phase fight. The first phase is the "night" phase, which is pictured above. Tsulong is usually a very pleasant cloud serpent, but after struggling with the Sha of Fear, he is possessed and comes down to fight your raid group during this phase. The goal of the dps is to burn him down as low as possible, while occasionally running though a beam of light to dispel nasty stacks that accumulate during the night phase.

After a set amount of time, he transitions to the "day" phase, wherein he apparently realizes how mean he was being, and reverts to his pleasant self. During this phase, which is much like the Valithria fight in ICC, his health inverts, and the goal is to heal Tsulong to full. Healers stand in front of him and get hit by his breath, which (1) restores mana; and (2) provides a short, but powerful healing buff.

Our sucessful strategy was a 2+ healer strategy: Kaels switched from Shadow to Holy, dpsed in Chastise chakra during the night phase, and then healed in Serenity chakra during the day phase. And now Tsulong has been exorcized! Up next: another attempt at the Empress on Friday, and time permitting, Lei Shi.

Here's Pamena with the Team RubiPam report:
Not much to report for Team RubiPam, as we continue to struggle in the absence of Flintpaw and Elu - Nina kindly came and tanked for us last Thursday night as we tackled Elegon for the first time, and then again for the first hour this past Tuesday. It's an interesting fight, and we clearly need time to learn it, so we will work on it some more, as we hope Flint at least will be back tonight now that his internet is back up. Tuesday after Nina left, we tried HOF again, the first boss, and we got pretty close, down to 8%. If we could have the same team makeup twice in a row, it would be a big help, but it is apparently not to be in this season of weddings, injury, internet failures and the flu, so we struggle on.

The big non-raiding guild news is that Chanta got Val'anyr, Hammer of the Ancient Kings, the legendary weapon she has been collecting fragments for in Ulduar for several years now! After another successful Sha run Saturday night, several of us went into Ulduar to help Chanta finish that up, as she only needed one more fragment to put the thing together, which we got almost immediately. However, we had to clear pretty much up to Yogg-Saron as the last step required her to throw it into his mouth, and then retrieve it after we had killed him. Thanael and Chanta led the way, and fortunately Bemused saw the weapon go into Yogg's mouth, as it was very difficult for Chanta to tell if she'd been successful at that. But yeahhhh! it worked! Now, the guild only needs Shadowmourne from ICC to complete the set of legendary weapons for the guild achievement, so Snuffy and Thanael need to make some trips to ICC for that. Maybe this coming Saturday we can work on that.

Sorry for the light post this week, but that's all I have. For the Horde!
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