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My dear fellow Gun Nutters™.

I say ta y’all that this hole deebate y’all be havin bout what type arms be loud unda the 2nd amendment is so, well, ya know, strait outta the 18th senshury that it just boggles ma mind. What I mean when I say this is, well just stop ‘n think bout it fer a goshdarn minute, if’n ya will...

Back when the 2nd amendment wuz rittin by that Madison fella, the People™ had the same type arms available to them that the guvmint had. Ya know, yer basic flintlock pistols ‘n muskets ‘n smooth bore cannon ‘n such, knot ta menshun yer assorted ‘n varius hatchits, knives, daggers, sords ‘n tha like. Plus everone was eyetha on foot er mounted (by that, I mean’s they wuz a ridin a horse, not the kinda “mounted” sum dirty minded libtards out there mite be a thinkin bout rite now…yeesh!)

Anyways, like I wuz sayin, when it came ta arms back then, the guvmint ‘n the People™ wuz on a more o’ less even footin, which is why that Hamilton dude almost got his ass wupped ‘n handed ta him on a silvah tea party trey by those Whiskey Tax rebel type guys!

Only problem wuz, dem rebs got ta samplin too much o’ their own product fer their own good (if’n ya know what I mean), ‘n so kinda lost their fightin edge rite when they kneaded it most, ‘n as a result hadda take ta da hills. (Matta fak, I believe summa their offspring is still a livin up there ta this very day, still fightin the good fight!)

Anyways, the hole point o’ this here history lesson is that now days tha teeranikal fedral guvmint has the most awesomest firepower ‘n advanced weaponry evah seen on the face o’ this here planet, whilst the People™ can’t own no better than sum puny ass rifles ‘n pistols that’s knot even s’posed ta be automatic, ya know.

And now the friggin skaredycat libtards wanna limit the size o’ ammo clips available ta us all ta like five bullits per clip! (I mean, what’s the point o‘ even ownin a automatic…err…I mean semiautomatic rifle, if’n ya can’t spray bullits all ovah the friggin place w’out havin ta constantly reload the durn thing?)

So ma dear feller Gun Nutters™, in order ta put the People™ back on a more even footin with tha teeranikal fedral guvmint (‘n possblee sum state, county, ‘n city guvmints as well), I say we must deemand that our 2nd amendment rites not be fringed pon in any way, shape, or form, ‘n that means we must have full access ta whatever type arms the teeranikal fedral guvmint has, includin (but not necessarily limited to):

•    All manner and type of handheld weaponry including military grade assault rifles as well as bazookas, RPGs, hand grenades, etc.;

•    Heavy duty machine guns, artillery, and anti-personnel mines;

•    Tanks and armored personnel carriers;

•    Military aircraft including bombers, fighters, armed helicopters, and drones (both armed and for surveillance activities);

•    Missiles for both offensive and defensive purposes including surface-to-air missiles  (mainly fer nockin down em darn planes ‘n helos, but also ta take care o’ em pesky drones es well);

•    All manner and type of warships, both big and small, including aircraft carriers and submarines;

•    And, last but not least, biological, chemical, and tactical nuclear weapons.

But we don’t need no streegic nuclaar weapons here, as we don’t tend go ta no war with the hole friggin wide world, leas knot rite now anyways, only with our own teeranikal fedral guvmint.

And so I say ta all ma feller Gun Nutter™ friends, I sez, “If’n y’all don’t insist our 2nd ‘mendment rites not be fring’d pon by tha teeranikal fedral guvmint en any way, shape, or form, then y’all will have dun start’d slidin down that thar dreaded Slippery Slope™ (ya know, the one that our good frens at tha NRA always dun warn’d us bout) ‘n y’all shoud git reddy fer a very, very bumpy ride.”

Anyways, I do polagise fer the long post here’n (es well es ma spellin missteaks, I nevah did git me no friggin libtard edyacayshun), but I thought it impotent that I share wit y’all ma thoughts bout this today.


Originally posted to Gary the Gun Nut on Fri Feb 01, 2013 at 02:50 AM PST.

Also republished by Repeal or Amend the Second Amendment (RASA).

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