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dedicated to electing more and better Democrats

It is clearly a community.

It is a place to which members turn to share with one another, both their joys and their tribulations.

It is a site where we offer one another support, advice, prayers and even love.

It is for many a place to which they turn to open their hearts and souls.

This has  been  very clear in the various quilt projects done by Sara R.

It is been very evident in the pass week, where among others we have heard of the health issues that have affected commonmass, Knotlookin, DarkSyde, and yours truly (on behalf of my wife Leaves on the Current)

These common human connections bind us together despite sometimes heated political differences with the tribe of Democrats, be they differences on primary candidates, guns, I-P. education, or any other of a myriad of issues on which this community has a wide range of opinions.

It is that human connection that enables us to function as a community, to overcome sometimes difficult differences to stay connected on the most basic of levels, that of our common humanity.

I have been here since late 2003.

I am honored that so many have appreciated what I have written, and have so often chosen to elevate those posts to more visibility.

I have been thanked many times for things I wrote.  That is nice.

But nothing has ever been more rewarding than the support, prayer, affirmation and love that has come our way in the past week, since I first let this community know about the health issue which Leaves on the Current and I discovered Sunday night, January 27.

I suspect that the others I mentioned at the beginning of this post might offer similar sentiments, although I do not presume to speak for them.

I hope that those who read these words remember that sense of community, and whenever each of us (and I definitely include myself is this admonition) may be tempted to flame, to lambast, someone with whom we are in heated disagreement, that we are still bound by our common humanity, that well-intentioned individuals can reasonably come to radically different positions on matters of importance.

Absent this human dimension, absent this deeper sense of community, were we then bound only by our common commitment to electing Democrats we would be a far lesser community, and of far lesser value to one another.

We would also be of far less value politically, because it is our commitment to a sense of community and to our common humanity that in so many cases shapes our political beliefs and the causes and candidates on whose behalf we advocate and labor.

May this and every day be full of blessings for all here.


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