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Driving, some years ago and in another state, my son is in the back seat. Radio is on, tuned to a news station, sports report in-progress.

Announcer: "The Penguins beat the Devils..."

My son cannot comprehend and is completely screwed up by this. In his very literal world, there is no way that penguins could ever beat devils.

At anything.

One week later. Driving, my son is in the back seat. Radio is on, tuned to a news station, sports report in-progress.

Announcer: "The Devils are at home tonight..."

My son, terrified now. Full blown meltdown.

There's a new story that published yesterday, TemeculaPatch: Autistic TVUSD Student Wrongly Accused In Massive Drug Bust, Father Says, in which I'm quoted at great length. I was a bit surprised when I started reading about this, having never spoken to the publication that was quoting me, until I saw the line, Snodgrass writes in his online blog.

That line was linked to my first diary on this subject here at Daily Kos.

For the record, Daily Kos is not my blog, per se, but the blog of several hundred thousand people who demand justice for those, like our son, who have been abused.

Please understand that we have to choose our words carefully, both here, and in the comments. You, of course, are free to have open discussions and express your own independent opinions, wherever you choose.

Our son's due process hearing versus the school district has begun, and is currently scheduled through Feb 21. We won't be publicly discussing the details at this time.

Here is what we ask of you in the meantime:

1) Sign and share the petition. It is having a major impact where we live, let's keep the pressure on.

2) Here are links to some new articles in area publications, please head over to them and start hitting the comments. We're focusing on building consensus in our city, and our hope is that as more people, who would be supportive of enacting change, see that they have an Orange Army supporting them, they will be emboldened. Here are the links:

TemeculaPatch: Autistic TVUSD Student Wrongly Accused In Massive Drug Bust, Father Says

Press Enterprise: Parents contest autistic teen’s expulsion at hearing

San Diego Union Tribune: Parents claim student's disabilities led to arrest in sting operation

3) Discuss this in social media, and whenever you run into press accounts of this, please post comments. We will define the narrative.

If you are new to this story, please reference the following diaries:

Our Autistic Son was Handcuffed and Arrested in School, We Were Not Notified

Our Autistic Son's Arrest in the Press, YOU got the District's Attention, They Freak Out


1:34 PM PT: The petition just went over the 1,500 mark! Do you think they're starting to get the message yet?

Originally posted to doug snodgrass on Thu Feb 07, 2013 at 06:33 AM PST.

Also republished by Parenting on the Autism Spectrum and KOSpectrum.

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