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                                                 FINAL UPDATE!
Round Trip Tickets are paid for. There's money over that amount. So, take a bow, everyone. Good work!

For the balance that is left over: we will be sending that to bastop. Teachers in Texas just aren't paid enough to cover the "incidentals" - cab fare, rooms, meals, & things like that.
So, from Edrie and me, thank you and thank EACH and every kossack who made this happen for commomass and for terun!

from commonmass's brother

From bastrop to the Daily Kos community:

Yesterday afternoon I received the following message from llbear:

"Where is the nearest airport to you?"

The answer is Austin, TX and that is where my mom and I will be departing from tomorrow bound for the funeral of Terun Sabre Weed. Because of the compassion, generosity, caring and empathy of this community we are able to be with commonmass at this difficult time when we otherwise would not have been able to do so. My mom and I are so grateful to everyone here. It is tempting to say "you have no idea" how meaningful this is, but I know that is not true, that it is just a shorthand we use for feelings difficult to describe and that you all DO know. So I will simply say "thank you".

It is also tempting include my brother, commonmass, in that thank you but I'm not sure it would accurately capture what he must be feeling about all of this. My wife and I have been together for 22 years and I can not begin to imagine what it would be like to lose her. I am fond of telling my brother that I am responsible for him coming to DKos, that I got here first, as a way to rib him. Really, I have always been proud that he has made this place his home. What this community did for commonmass is an example for the world in how to treat one another. This is the very best of humanity on display right here in this diary, giving him his mother and his brother when he needs them most. There are no words for that.

Many of us are struggling financially right now. Frankly, if this fundraiser had been for another Kossack I would not have been able to contribute at this time. Please know that if you were unable to contribute I understand. Please also know that I wish I had the time right now to personally respond in comments to everyone, but that just isn't possible as we prepare to travel.

My mom and I are planning a diary about this experience when we return to Texas from Maine next week. She has some things to say, and so do I, that can't be adequately expressed right now. Just know that all of you are in our thoughts and prayers as well, and we will see you back here soon.

Thanks again, much love to llbear and edrie and to anyone I am forgetting, and keep taking good care of each other.

I will pay this forward.

To bastrop
From llbear:  Your bill forward has been paid.

From commonmass
Bastrop, you are one eloquent writer. I look forward to your diary. Remind Ma that she actually has a Daily Kos account of her own. (To the community: my Ma is wonderful about not "stalking" what her sons do online. We love her.)

I was telling llbear on the phone that even when I've been dead broke, I often found five dollars to send in a drive for a Kossack in need. Indeed. One pays it forward.

Thank you.

At 3:30 AM my time [I live near Portland, Oregon] I woke up, decided that I would sleep better if I got the ball rolling to raise this money. I wrote a quick diary and asked people to contact me via Kos-Mail if they could serve as moneybags for this project. I'm old, tired, and needed to go back to bed. I said that I would be up in a few hours and ready to write another diary to raise the money. I added:
You folks are amazing, and money is so tight, that if we don't succeed this time I think commonmass and bastrop will understand. oh, ye of little faith
I swear at 4 AM the diary went up and in seconds people recommended it, and 3 asked what they could do to help. Salute to: Actbriniel, historys mysteries, Patriot4peace, webranding, NancyWH, matching mole, Quilldriver, CocoaLove, Onomastic, blue jersey mom, 2thanks, yella dawg, jeeugena, Yo Bubba, DRo. Edrie was first, so donations will went through her account:

To donate via snail mail send me a Kos-mail and I will send you info.

From Edrie: If you still have a little left, Alicia is still in need.

Originally posted to llbear on Wed Feb 13, 2013 at 08:50 AM PST.

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