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Dear President Obama,

Last Sunday my wife and I took a drive down to see you, along with 40 to 50,000 other friends and supporters of yours, and we were so disappointed you weren’t home, that you were…playing golf in Florida?  We just wanted to let you know that we will have your back when you make your formal announcement rejecting the Keystone XL pipeline.

Like most of us who were there, I froze my toes and fingers but it was all so worth it.   Woven throughout the stirring speeches, creative signage, chants, costumes, music, and footsteps was a subtle yet very powerful message that can no longer be ignored.  When you spoke in your State of Nation address of putting a strong focus on climate change issues in the next four years, you inspired us, you gave us hope.  But hope is not nearly enough – we are ready, individually and collectively for action and we are demanding action.

Last Sunday 40 or 50,000 people from your voting base showed up.   We were all colors, all ages, maybe even all incomes.  And we were joined by a large number of  our 1st Nation and non-native Canadian friends.  Buses came from as far away as Texas. I have been involved in politics for 40 years, been to so many rallies and meetings, and I have never felt such an overwhelming strength of commitment, clarity of purpose and cooperation.  This was an example of grassroots action at its most pure and powerful.  I’m quite sure this is because everyone who was there believes two things:

1)    Whether it is hydrofracking in Pennsylvania, mountain-top removal in West Virginia or, perhaps the biggest environmental abomination in North America, the tar sands in Alberta, we can no longer tolerate our water, soil and air being poisoned and our property being economically ruined for the benefit of a very few and detriment to the rest of us.  And we are willing to do whatever is necessary to end that.

2)    If we do not begin to take dramatic steps to curb carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions we and certainly our children can look forward to a very dismal and possibly even no future.  It looks more and more like we may literally be fighting for our lives.  And naturally we are willing to do whatever is necessary to win that fight.

President Obama, you have done so many wonderful things since you took office and we all thank you for that.  But more and more of us are trying to imagine how an economy is going to function when superstorms become an annual event, when 100 year floods become 5 or even 1 year floods, when so many Joplin-sized tornados happen in a season they all blur together, when droughts and wildfires never end.  Yes the Affordable Care Act matters, yes Civil Rights and Immigration Reform matter, yes economic justice matters, but this is the world we live in now and we believe that there is nothing more important than preventing Climate Chaos from ramping up and getting worse or even unstoppable.

President Obama, as you well know, when a president takes office, for better or worse, he (or she) inherits the messes of those who preceded him, and how skillfully he navigates through that mire is a factor in determining his legacy.  In your case there was the crumbling economy and two terrible wars.  Personally I think for the most part you have done amazingly well.  But now the ravages of Climate Change are thrown on your plate and this is where your legacy will mostly be anchored.  Many are saying that in twenty years, much of what you have done for the country and the world will already be forgotten but your decision regarding the Keystone pipline will not.  I’m not sure I entirely agree with that.  More likely, if you make the right decision, it will become just one more of the many good decisions in your record.  However, if you make the wrong decision, whether it’s fair or not, every bad climate event going forward will in some small way have your fingerprints on it.

There are few people who understands the power of grassroots organization better than you.  It is what brought into office in 2008 and reelected you in 2012.  (In your 2008 campaign my then 18 year old daughter was in an adoring crowd of 40,000 in Albuquerque, NM, nearly fainting from the crush, but so excited, so moved!) And here it is again.  There were tens of thousands of us at your door and tens of thousands more around the country rallying in solidarity.  The next time, I have no doubt, there will be many, many more.  Like Climate Change, we are growing rapidly. We are inclusive, caring and passionate, collaborating and coordinating in new and exciting ways, because we are all in this together and can’t afford to fail.  We will not be defeated or ignored.  Next time we come knocking, how about joining us?  

With love,

Daniel Allan

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  •  What happens if it is approved? Will he no longer (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Quicklund, doroma

    be the greenest president in our history? Too much focus is being put on this one battle. I'm way more concerned (and I hope the president is too) about the bigger picture.

    The pipeline can be approved and (more) major steps taken to address global warming. I'm not a fan of oil pipelines, but I don't think this is a make-it and break-it moment either.

    •  I too, find too many emotional eggs in this basket (0+ / 0-)

      This was really a pretty good diary; heartfelt and balanced.  I don't want to be seen as criticizing the diary.

      I just worry that so much emotion is being invested in this one project, that is being advertised as win-this-battle-or-lose-the-war, that should this battle be lost mass demoralization will follow.

      I've had it explained to me that stopping this pipeline can have a dramatic effect in reducing the scale of tar sands exploitation. But it does not strike me as going towards the root problem. A carbon tax strikes at the root problem.

      We will need mass protests across the country, not just in DC from time to time, in order to impress upon politicians the interest people have in going green. But I can't help think that should such mass protests become reality, would not it be more productive to agitate for a carbon tax instead of this one project?

      A carbon tax would stunt growth of the tar sands regardless of how many pipelines were built. But OTOH maybe it is a better strategy to go after a smaller bite first (i.e. XL). I dunno.

      I do wish there wasn't so much emotion invested in this one project though.

      •  Carbon Tax (1+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:

        Hell, yeah, we would all love a carbon tax but you have to start somewhere and this is a huge symbolic start.  Also, no US pipeline means it becomes much more difficult for the tar sands  to expand because the product will have a much harder time getting to market.  BC certainly doesn't want it going through their province.  The final size of the tar sands project, if left to fully play out, is estimated to be the same square area as the entire state of Florida.  Hard to imagine.  

  •  It's 'President Obama' ... (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    ... not "Mr. Obama," not "Barack Obama," not "Obama," not "Barry" or "B" or "Hey you!" or anything else.

    It's disrespectful, hence the glazed morsel.

  •  Dear Mr. Obama? (3+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    jan4insight, megisi, doroma

    stopped reading at the is point.

    Why is it that, as a culture, we are more comfortable seeing two men holding guns than holding hands?

    by jsfox on Thu Feb 21, 2013 at 10:15:16 AM PST

  •  Market based (0+ / 0-)

    solutions to global warming/climate change is what this administration has offered.  More fracking drilling and 'clean' gas coal and grease extraction. At least he gave a nod to green alternative energy.  I wish that this administration would be home when people who are advocates for green energy solutions to the market created problems, comes knocking on the WH door. 'Powerful interests' are keeping the door firmly shut to any meaningful alternative energy development that keeps the grease in the ground. Market based solutions are all about profits the 'owners of the place' they do own our government lock stock and oil barrel.          

    •  2X Wind, 5X Solar! The facts get in your way. N/T (0+ / 0-)
      •  oh please (0+ / 0-)

        is any alternative to the grease really viable under this administration? Good lord quit telling me or anyone who is aware of climate change/global warming that more grease is going to help. Sure it helps the current global recourse wars and the sao called economy of the inevitable too bigs but it does not eve4n address the need for new technology new research new innovation in energy as that would disturb the power that be the energy multinationals that look only at maintaining the profits and growth of their industry. How stupid to enshrine a killing/profit for the grease extractors when their really are alternatives that should be subsidized and replace the dinosaur based fuel that is burning us up.      

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