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More Taxes!  Less Spending!

My way!   Or the Highway!

Government is the Problem!  Government is Solution!

No matter how you slice it, postponing your Budget-Balancing to show-down brinksmanship high-stakes bargaining hostage negotiations time and time again -- is a helluva way to to run a Country!

The next High Noon deadline is this Friday March 1, 2013 -- after which the "responsible federal accounting world" that we've enjoyed all these years will "cease to exist:"  

{cough, Wall Street Bail Out, cough}
{cough, Wars on the Credit Card, cough}  
{cough, Tax Cuts for the 1 Percent, cough}

Democrats hate spending cuts.  Republicans hate revenue increases.

Say Hello!  to permanent gridlock, America.

It’s the ‘Obama Sequester’ -- according to Boehner

by Sarah Muller, -- 02/20/2013

With less than 10 days before the country hits another dramatic deadline over financing the government, the blame-game has already begun. House Speaker John Boehner continued the Republican push to label  the country’s looming spending cuts as “Obama’s sequester” in a new Wall Street Journal op-ed.

In the piece published on Wednesday, the Ohio congressman, who once bragged he got 98% of what he wanted in the deal, placed blame squarely on the president. He called the sequester the “product of the president’s own failed leadership.”

Speaker Boehner publicly supported the sequestration before the president signed it into law. The Daily Beast recently dug up a PowerPoint presentation sent out from Boehner’s office to the Capitol Hill GOP on July 31, 2011, laying out support for the sequester.

After returning from its current recess, Congress will have exactly four days to work out a “sensible deficit-reduction program” to avoid the spending cuts that both sides say they don’t want.

John Boehner: The President Is Raging Against a Budget Crisis He Created
Obama invented the 'sequester' in the summer of 2011 to avoid facing up to America's spending problem.

by John Boehner, Wall Street Journal, Editorial -- February 20, 2013

The president's sequester is the wrong way to reduce the deficit, but it is here to stay until Washington Democrats get serious about cutting spending. The government simply cannot keep delaying the inevitable and spending money it doesn't have.

So, as the president's outrage about the sequester grows in coming days, Republicans have a simple response: Mr. President, we agree that your sequester is bad policy. What spending are you willing to cut to replace it?

-- Mr. Boehner, a Republican congressman from Ohio, is speaker of the House

Here's Boehner chiding, coaching, cajoling the Tea Party, way back in the day, to support the "President's Sequester" plan ... ("It moves the can down the road, doesn't it? -- So that 'Romney and Ryan' can take care of it, LATER." -- nod, nod. wink, wink.)


The PowerPoint That Proves It’s Not Obama’s Sequester After All

by John Avlon, -- Feb 20, 2013

It’s a PowerPoint presentation that Boehner’s office developed with the Republican Policy Committee and sent out to the Capitol Hill GOP on July 31, 2011. Intended to explain the outline of the proposed debt deal, the presentation is titled: “Two Step Approach to Hold President Obama Accountable.”

It’s essentially an internal sales document from the old dealmaker Boehner to his unruly and often unreasonable Tea Party cohort. But it’s clear as day in the presentation that “sequestration” was considered a cudgel to guarantee a reduction in federal spending -- the conservatives’ necessary condition for not having America default on its obligations.

The presentation lays out the deal in clear terms, describing the spending backstop as “automatic across-the-board cuts (‘sequestration’). Same mechanism used in 1997 Balanced Budget Agreement.”

Sequestration ... so what is it? and why should we care?  

I'm a blue-blooded American so I want to know: "What's in it for me?"  

Well, this article sums it up, but I particularly liked its concluding points:

Sequestration: DC's Weird Idea of Cuts

by Chris Good, -- Feb. 18, 2013


Why Does the Sequester Have to Happen?

It doesn't!

Congress and the president gave themselves a requirement to find $1.2 trillion in savings over 10 years, and they could still find a way to reach that goal before March 1. That could be tough, and barring a political miracle, sequestration will likely take effect for a few weeks.

At the same time, sequestration only looms as a possibility because Congress and the president wrote it into a law -- and they could just as easily rewrite it. They've already extended their deadline twice, and, unlikely as it may be, there's no reason why Congress and Obama couldn't simply write a new law that makes "sequestration" go away. If sequestration is an artificial crisis, it can be artificially undone.

"Kicking the Can" -- it's a great Accounting model, eh -- it's worked so far. American people Meet Can -- it's your lack of interest in Government affairs, catching up with you.

Hmmmm?  Maybe Wall Street can help us out of a "fiscal jam" with a miniscule Transaction Tax? ... What?! that's crazy talk.

Hmmmm?  Maybe Oil Companies can help us out of a "fiscal jam" by giving up their billions in Subsidies? ... What?! they earned that.

Hmmmm?  Maybe the Corporations can help us out of a "fiscal jam" by closing some of those Mac-Truck Tax Loopholes? ... What?! That is accounting Job Creation.

Hell of way to run a country, heh.

Where is Deficits-Don't-Matter Cheney when we {cough don't} need him?  

Maybe he could explain again how the Iraq War was going to pay for itself. We sure could use those extra oil-security-bucks about now.

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  •  Here's a thought. Why not just say fuck it to (7+ / 0-)

    the whole thing?

    Say fuck the sequester, we're doing it live?

    Carry on with business as usual, and force Congress to Act one way or the other.  To force the Executive to stop, or to actually GOVERN.

    "Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." --M. L. King "You can't fix stupid" --Ron White -6.00, -5.18

    by zenbassoon on Sat Feb 23, 2013 at 09:41:09 AM PST

  •  It's too bad (7+ / 0-)

    we never got to use a President Perry's plan:

    helluva plan there Rick!

  •  It IS the President's Sequester (0+ / 0-)

    He specifically proposed it, convinced Sen. Reid to accept it, and convinced the Republicans to accept it.  And he expressly made the deal that it would be all spending cuts -- no tax increases --  in exchange for the Republicans agreeing to raise the debt ceiling enough to get past the 2012 election.  

    Clearly, the Republicans share the blame for agreeing to the President's proposal.  But he proposed it, and he proposed spending cuts only -- no tax increases as part of it -- as an enticement to get the Republicans to push the next debt ceiling fight until after his re-election.  

    He's now trying to go back on the deal he made in 2011.   Frankly, what is the incentive for the Republicans to make another deal with him when he is now trying to get out of the last deal he made?  They want spending cuts, and they think that this is their only possibility of getting spending cuts.  They've apparently decided that bad spending cuts -- what they have now -- are better than tax hikes and NO spending cuts -- which is what the President is offering.  {Technically, he's offering tax hikes now, and potential spending cuts later (over the next 10 years in exchange) for spending cuts now, but Republicans don't think those "spending cuts later" will ever happen.}

    If the President wants something to happen in Congress, he's got to get the Senate Democrats to bring a proposal to the floor of the Senate.  If they do, and Republicans filibuster it, or vote it down, then it might be a different story. As it is now, he's trying to blame the Republicans for not letting him out of the deal he made in 2011 when his own party hasn't even passed anything to let him out of that deal.  

    It's just as disingenuous of the President to try to lay all the blame at the feet of the Republicans as it is for the Republicans to lay all the blame at the feet of the President.  The President shares equally in the blame for this crisis.  

    I suspect that if/when the cuts happen, most of the country will be of the "a pox on both your houses" view.  

    •  And that powerpoint in the diary is from (0+ / 0-)

      July 31, which is AFTER Lew and Nabors proposed it, convinced Reid to accept it, and convinced Boehner to accept it.  AFTER Boehner accepted it, he used that powerpoint to sell it to his caucus.

      Time line here.

      •  This is the truth about the GOP during the debt.. (2+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        jamess, NoMoreLies

        ..ceiling as a hostage.

        McConnell made it very clear. A new template for obstruction -  The sequester is the latest manufactured crisis used for political attacks on both the White House and more importantly on the economy.

        The republans lose standing if the country and economy heal. That is the political calculation behind all of their "negotiations"

        Pure spin:

        He specifically proposed it, convinced Sen. Reid to accept it,  convinced the Republicans to accept it
        Specifically proposed it - lol - coming from Glen Kessler  political hack

        The sequester was a GOP lifeline they forced themselves to grasp as they had completely cornered themselves with no out.

        The the GOP got 98% of what they wanted is a Beohner lie but it certainly doesn't mean they left themselves any other choices.
        They are the architects of the mess that threatened the nation financial standing.

        And they promise much more of this behavior.

    •  watch (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      Eric Nelson

      Fox News much, ct.

    •  Sequester axe (0+ / 0-)

      is the stick.

      The carrot is

      for Congress to figure out the Trillion in savings,

      WHATEVER way possible -- including Revenues.

      ie. if they were adults, acting in the best interests of America,

      they would have already avoided the Axe.

      •  like these "adults in the room" (2+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        Eric Nelson, NoMoreLies

        already have:

        The Budget for All
        Budget of the Congressional Progressive Caucus
        Fiscal Year 2013

        •  They are not adults until (0+ / 0-)

          the Senate Democrats bring it to the floor for a vote so that Democrats go on record as to what they support.

          The problem the Democrats have is that the budget you referenced would  not get 51 Democratic votes in the Senate.  

          They WILL be adults when they pass a budget in the Senate.  A Budget Resolution cannot be filibustered, so when Senate Democrats propose and pass a budget in the Senate, THEN they will be the "adults in the room."  

      •  Did you read the links? (0+ / 0-)

        The sequester deal proposed by the President was specifically NOT about revenues -- because the President wanted the Republicans to agree to push the debt ceiling back until after November 2012.  

        The President specifically proposed a deal that was all spending cuts and no revenue increases.  And so now it's not his fault at all that the Republicans want to hold him to the deal he proposed and made?  

        He has zero responsibility for the proposal he made as a way to get the crisis past his re-election?  

        It's just disingenuous to lay this ALL at the feet of the Republicans and attribute NO blame to the President.  Clearly the Republicans share some of the blame here -- they accepted the President's offer, and they voted for it.  But it's disingenuous to say that the party who came up with the idea and made the offer bears no responsibility whatsoever.  

        •  I never said (2+ / 0-)
          Recommended by:
          shaharazade, Eric Nelson

          the President was "Blameless."

          The post was about framing and the current talking points.  Obama-quester

          -- not about protecting Boehner stellar reputation.

          (but you've got that covered, heh)

          Newsflash -- Republicans voted for the Sequester.

          Boehner bragged he got 98% of what he wanted with the deal.

          SO, it's the Boehner-quester too.

          However the sausage was ultimately made.

  •  Boehner hanging on to bought and paid for (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    .."loopholes" in the tax code and using them as a bargaining chip or a cudgel is the height of hypocrisy.

    It's all just a game to the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the United States of America.
    We deserve better. I demand better.

  •  Ryan: “We got that in law!!” = August 1, 2011 (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    Rachel Maddow busts Paul Ryan bragging on his statutory spending caps with triggered sequestration if caps are exceeded.

    (short commercial – sorry)

    Their inadequacies as legislators and reckless obstruction are at the heart of this mess – again. They managed to corner themselves with their own idiotic sequester as their only life line out of their last manufactured crisis  at the time.
    Transcript & full video showing Boehners’ power point presentation July 2011 touting Boehnerquester or 98% of what I wanted  @ link:

    Thanks to posts like yours today jamess the GOP blame game isn't cutting it with the majority of people.

    simply write a new law that makes "sequestration" go away. If sequestration is an artificial crisis, it can be artificially undone.
    Let's hope this happens with what ever new legislation reflecting what the strong majority of people want - the wealthiest paying their fair share (financial transaction tax/ carried interest loophole closed, taxed at regular income) and investment in infrastructure iow's back to jobs -  NOT what GOP fantasize it to be.
     Just one more video:

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