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In 2008, after President Obama was first elected, it looked for a moment like the GOP was going to self destruct in a fit of apoplexy. While Rush railed, guys like Eric Cantor were making quiet noises about the need to moderate. War between the crazies and realists seemed all but inevitable. But then party leaders met behind closed doors to form a strategy and, even before the inauguration, McConnell, Cantor and others had formulated their now infamous total obstruction playbook.  

It was deeply cynical in so many ways. Placing the interests of party over those of the nation and its people, it was predicated upon the public's gullibility. It was also a last ditch, risky, all or nothing, black and white move. They put all their chips in on deceit -- and lost.

When it seemed like this paradigm would last forever, Obama foresaw a shift. He spoke of an end to total obstruction and the coming war within the GOP if he were reelected.

Now, we are there. The eagle has landed.

To enjoy the spectacle, one first has to accept the injustice and suffering Republicans cause as a given, like a tornado or other act of God. Otherwise, it's all too easy to get caught in anger. But when I get that they are what they are, and accept the present moment for what it is, then I can sit back and watch them implode as if it were an old Keystone Cops movie -- taking solace in the knowledge that they'll be swept aside in the coming decades (first, at a national level, and later regionally too).

Latest example: This morning, Erick (son of Erick) Erickson, guiding light of redstate, made the shocking discovery that Obamacare must be stopped. Right NOW, before it's too late! Uhm, Erick (son of Erick), after two presidential elections and a landmark Supreme Court ruling, I've got a little secret. {Psst: It's too late. You guys lost. Get over it!}

Alas, brilliant intellectual that he is, son of erick is firing up the redstate acolytes to rage, RAGE! against Republicans who vote out of committee any continuing resolution that doesn't defund the ACA. Even if they ultimately vote against the bill, he asserts they're still traitors to the cause (his argument being that they enabled the legislation by sending it to the floor, where it could pass with Democratic support).

Setting aside for a moment the Fall of the House of Hastert, I want to say, "Sure, Erick, that'll work. Bring the entire apparatus of state down, cause all Social Security checks and federal pensions to go unfunded, while you and your little friends throw a temper tantrum over having lost two important elections and a Supreme Court battle. See how far that gets ya."

These guys fail to realize they're already less popular than botulism.

Best of all are the comments. All these political geniuses threatening to hold their breath until they turn blue. My favorite is the guy who, railing against the political apparatus for allowing the ACA to get passed into law, argues that it's not fair to give Obama credit by calling it Obamacare. He advocates using the words -- get this! -- the "affordable care" act. (The "affordable care" act; who would have thunk it? See the little quotation marks and lower case letters? Is that brilliant or what?)

I love these guys. Just love them. Cuter and funnier than prairie dogs. Proceed gentlemen. You've already got Karl Rove's phone number. Keep doing what you do so well. And while your pathetic rump of a party disintegrates, keep brightening my mornings with your latest and greatest temper tantrum du jour.

We've finally reached the point that even satire cannot do you fellas justice. The Onion has nothing on you. Jon Stewart, nothing. Steve Cobert, nothing. You have become a caricature of yourselves -- a singular, incomparable apotheosis of hatred for anything/everything containing the slightest whiff of shared sacrifice or communal value.

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