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On March 14, the Conservative Political Action Conference is set to host its 40th annual conference in Washington DC. Among the conservative luminaries invited to address the conference are Sarah Palin, Rand Paul, Rick Santorum, Allen West and Wayne LaPierre. Each and every one of these people have been deemed to be in their right mind enough not to be a danger to themselves or others as they whip the conservative faithful into foaming action. Not so for Pamela Geller.

Geller, who co-founded the noted hate group Stop Islamization of America and creator of the whacky blog Atlas Shrugs has been kicked to the curb this year.

Pamela Geller Pamela I won't be at CPAC this year. Every year AFDI organizes a must-see event addressing issues the Grover Norquist/Suhail Khan cabal refuse to address (jihad, sharia, the war on freedom in the West).

This year, I applied to speak and was ignored. I tried to get a room for an AFDI event, "The War on Free Speech" and was ignored. So, for the first time in five years, I won't be at CPAC. Last year Suhail Khan bragged out loud that he (and his other operatives) had successfully kept Robert Spencer and me from being invited to speak. He went so far as to warn people not to attend our events or read our books.

In several articles I took on Grover Norquist and his powerful influence over CPAC, most notably here and here. As soon as I published my Newsmax column concerning his perfidious influence at CPAC, my Newsmax column was taken down and my name and picture were removed from the Newsmax page..... it was two slots away from Grover's. My weekly column never appeared at Newsmax again. It was axed.

Pamela Geller's actions have earned her a prominent place on the SPLC's hate group list. Visit their page and read for yourself just how sick this woman is. She is one of the most rabid and hate-filled people on the American stage. Here are some highlights.
Geller will ally with virtually any individual or movement that expresses stridently anti-Muslim sentiments, no matter how otherwise repugnant. As a result, she has frequently rubbed shoulders with elements of white radicalism. In 2009, Geller was invited to address the German far-right organization Pro Köln [Cologne], described as a successor group to the neo-fascist German League for People and Homeland. Pro Köln at the time was under investigation by the German authorities because of its defamation of foreigners and suspected violations of "human dignity." As of early 2011, Pro Köln was officially deemed a right-wing extremist group by the German authorities.

Geller's anti-Muslim stance has also drawn the admiration of white nationalist and even neo-Nazi proponents on the extreme right – a rather remarkable feat, considering she is Jewish. She has been the subject of positive postings on racist websites such as Stormfront, VDARE, American Renaissance and the neo-Confederate League of the South.

Geller was one of several prominent anti-Muslim activists cited by the Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik in the manifesto he posted online hours before killing 77 of his countrymen, mostly teenagers, at a left-wing youth camp in August 2011. In the wake of the attack, Geller downplayed the influence of her views on Breivik, making much of the fact that his screed had only mentioned her by name once. This conveniently ignored the manifesto’s dozen citations of her blog and 64 mentions of her SIOA partner, Robert Spencer. At the same time, Geller couldn’t help displaying some sympathy for Breivik’s actions against the young multiculturalists. “Breivik,” she wrote, “was targeting the future leaders of the party responsible for flooding Norway with Muslims.”

You would think that the load of insanity the SPCL noted would be the reason she is no longer invited to appear at CPAC. Who would want to align themselves with a person so clearly unhinged and willing to go to such lengths to spread her message of pure hatred? CPAC attendees, that's who. She brags about the standing room only crowds she has drawn for the last five years at the convention. Apparently the folks who swarm the event just can't get enough of her brand of crazy.

So no, it wasn't her firebrand messages of hate against Islam that did her in. Salon notes that it was the fact she dared cross the king of conservative kings, Grover Norquist.

There have been tensions between Geller and the leadership of CPAC, particularly American Conservative Union board member Grover Norquist, the anti-tax activist. Norquist has been a target of Geller and her cohort for years because of his friendly ties to Muslim leaders. In my interview with Geller (watch below), she accuses Norquist of actually being a Muslim Brotherhood stooge.

Justin Elliott of ProPublica reporting.

In the video, she accuses Norquist of being in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood and allowing them to infiltrate CPAC. Standing along side her is a 9/11 family member who props Geller's notion that the leadership of CPAC has been corrupted by Muslim influence.

I have apparently misled all of you with the headline of this diary. The reason that she wasn't invited to this year's conservative circus has nothing to do with the fact she is nuts. That is an attribute celebrated by those who attend CPAC. No, apparently the real reason she is persona non grata all boils down to a thin-skinned Grover Norquist who doesn't take being called a Muslim-lover lying down.

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