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Looks around... So THIS is what writing on a Wednesday looks like! Not too different from Tuesday so far...  I'd planned that my next diary would be a food diary, and then today happened. It wasn't a BAD day, mind you...   follow me below the dingledoodle squigglie dKosagnocchi dividerthingie fold after a word from our sponsor...

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As many of you know, back a few years ago I got laid off from biotech just as we were getting into the process of adopting K2. I'm still at home, thankful that Mr. Brillig's salary provides enough that I can do this. Occasionally - less so than in the past, but sometimes still - I hear people musing on how it must be nice to be able to do what I want (mostly), when I want.

Let me provide an example of my day, which also serves as explanation for "why brillig's not coughing up the recipe for the kickass Shepherd's Pie she promised us?"

6:30am - 8am: Wake up, shower etc, get both kids to school, feed and walk dogs.

8am-10am: Drive two towns over to coffeeshop near church to inbibe caffeine and read the 30 pages of reading material I was supposed to have read over the weekend for class. Had I stayed home, there was too much to do and I would have avoided reading.

10-noon: First of 3 classes on a UU look at the historical versus traditionalal Christian view of Jesus. Way cool stuff for this nontheist religion geek, and the one thing I really wanted to do today.

noon-1: Drive home in sleet, have half hour to get lunch. Stare at large pile of dirty dishes from last night's Shepherd's Pie dinner with inlaws, wondering where the Dish Fairy was today.

1-1:30: parent-teacher conference for K2. ObParentalBrag: this one went incredibly well. It's always nice to hear that your child is hardworking, attentive, articulate and even-tempered as he makes good choices in his school day, when that's NOT how he is at home. I chalk up home to being tired after his day :).

1:30-2: Half hour to stare at dishes some more let Mr. Brillig know how conference went.

2-3: Retrieve K1 from school in more sleety rain, retrieve K2 + playdate (so playdate's parents could have their conference).

3-4: Rush kids around brushing teeth and into car the moment playdate leaves at 3, go to orthodontist where both kids leave ouchy and grumpy. Celebratory note- paid last installment on K1's treatment. Not that she's done, mind you, but the payment plan is.

4-5: K1 says "don't forget I have my viola lesson at 4:30, and I need money to pay the teacher." Go home, get viola and music, go to bank, drop K1 at school for lesson, go home for half hour, return to pick her up.

5-6: As a swim family we eat like hobbits, so make First Dinner for kids. Decide to eat now. Get kids packed and back out to car in mostly rainy sleet and drive to pool.

7-8pm: thank Mr. Brillig profusely for driving directly from work to pool so he could pick up kids, so that I can come home and write. Procrastinate by walking dogs and getting dishes into dishwasher.

Most of my day was spent in transit, with short hops home. It was one of those days I dread, because the intervening time between commitments is too small to actually do anything. Not bad, just... busy. It's days like this that make me chew holes in my tongue when someone asks me whether or not I "work".

I hope this explains why I didn't get to upload the dinner prep pics and write up the recipe. Next week! Sooooo, how was YOUR day?

Brillig's ObDisclaimer: The decision to publish each nomination lies with the evening's Diarist and/or Comment Formatter. My evenings at the helm, I try reeeeallllyy hard to publish everything without regard to content. I really do, even when I disagree personally with any given nomination. "TopCommentness" lies in the eyes of the nominator and of you, the reader - I leave the decision to you. I do not publish self-nominations (ie your own comments) and if I ruled the world, we'd all build community, supporting and uplifting instead of tearing our fellow Kossacks down.
From eeff:
This one by BOHICA gets my nom for top comment!
From Horace Boothroyd III:
YES!  "There comes a point in time where 'Just take what you can get and shut the fuck up' doesn't work anymore" by Homer177, in teej's diary Postcards from the Bottom One Percent.
From aoeu:
It was a Snark and Scorny Bite.

I nominate this comment by denig in a thread started by MB in a troll diary.

From LilithGardener:
In response to TooFolkGR's comment yesterday about "consulting my NRA decision tree" pat of butter in a sea of grits posted a handy guide to anticipate the NRA position on any shooting in the past or future.
From Yours Truly, brillig:
Laura Clawson's diary on the despicable Cancer Treatment Centers of America prompted Puddytat to state the intuitively obvious perfectly.

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