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In another roundup of Indiana news and comment, we have the impact of the Sequester, and the history of pi in the Indiana legislature for the day after Pi day, 3/14, among other things. Many around the country are helping us deal with the crazies here and with particular issues such as medical debt.

The previous Diary in this series was Indiana at dKos: Gun Meltdown Edition.

Technical query: I don't know why there is such a large gap before the table. It was even worse when I simply copied and pasted the table definition from the original Search page, before I made some simple but non-obvious changes. Can anybody suggest improvements to the HTML?

Although the following table results in part from a simple search for Indiana, I have modified it somewhat.

  • I have removed spurious references, such as pages mentioning "Indiana Jones".
  • The hover text on a search page is usually the first few lines of the story. I have substituted the key quote relevant to Indiana when that is not obvious from the title or the opening lines.
  • The columns are therefore not sortable. On search pages, sorting runs the search again, and thus provides different information than I wanted to give you here.
Title Author Date Comments Recommends Hotlisted
Indiana kids cut from Head Start by sequester, leaving parents 'heartbroken'
Sequestration is cutting 1,000 Indiana children from Head Start , out of 15,400 who are in the program statewide. That's leading to heartbreak for the families of kids who are being cut from the ...
Laura Clawson 03/15/2013 4 5 -
A physician and crackpot amateur mathematician from Solitude, Indiana named Dr. Edwin J. Goodwin thought that he had “solved” pi to the last digit ...
KAMuston 03/15/2013 12 5 -
First Amendment: Indiana Blogger Jailed
What do the far right conservative group Eagle Forum and the ACLU of Indiana have in common?  They are part of a collection of groups and individuals filing briefs on behalf of Daniel Brewington. ...
Dan Bimrose 03/14/2013 17 16 1
$1,000,000 in Medical Debt Ripped Up and Spit Out by Strike Debt NYC.
1000 debtors liberated from medical debt in KY & IN! Join the fight against for profit healthcare — StrikeDebt (@StrikeDebt) March 14, 2013

Today, Strike Debt , ...

jpmassar 03/14/2013 90 161 6
Florida Legislature Pushing ALEC, CSG Sham Fracking Chemical Disclosure Model Bill
The model bill has passed in Colorado and Pennsylvania and was proposed but failed in Massachusetts, Maryland, New York, Indiana, California, and Arkansas. ...
Steve Horn 03/14/2013 2 10 -
Club for Growth argues for even more purity, because 2010
In an interview, Mr. Chocola dismissed the idea that Club for Growth and other conservative groups were responsible for losses in Senate races last year in Missouri and Indiana, ...
kos 03/13/2013 50 32 -
Because our city is virtually all-Democratic and our neighborhood is primarily liberal, most of our campaigning has been carpetbagging. Indiana in the primary and Iowa in the general ...
Frank Palmer 03/13/2013 1 - -
The Evening Blues - 3-12-13
Voucher schools in Louisiana and Indiana are using a “US History” textbook in their eighth grade classes that teaches that the “hippies” of the 1960s were draft dodgers who were rude, didn’t bathe, and worshipped Satan ...
joe shikspack 03/12/2013 47 18 -
Midday open thread
Voucher schools in Louisiana and Indiana are using a “US History” textbook in their eighth grade classes that teaches that the “hippies” of the 1960s were draft dodgers who were rude, didn’t bathe, and worshipped Satan ...
Barbara Morrill 03/11/2013 41 4 -
GOP abortion foes violate the doctor-patient relationship
Meanwhile, Indiana recently adopted its own law mandating a trans-vaginal ultrasound before abortion, but only after dropping the requirement for a second violation two weeks after.  ...
Jon Perr 03/10/2013 38 53 3
Woman Sues Church for Rejecting Late Husband's NASCAR Tombstone
An Indiana woman is suing a Catholic church for refusing to install the headstone she had designed to honor her late husband's favorite activities.

Shannon Carr lost her husband in a car accident ...

ProgLegs 03/10/2013 15 3 -
ACM: The West Virginia Court-Martial of Mother Jones
Meanwhile, Senator John W. Kern of Indiana, Democratic Majority Leader, had introduced a resolution calling for an investigation into the conditions of coal mining in West Virginia ...
JayRaye 03/10/2013 22 38 2
And a recent study of electric bills in Indiana found that the time shifters are actually costing each Hoosier almost $3.00 a year MORE ...
KAMuston 03/10/2013 8 14 -
Looking for Love? Skip the Club and Try Walmart
I’m not sure what to make of the claim of those from Indiana to have spotted that special someone at home ...
Richard Riis 03/09/2013 21 4 1
Aaaand the First State to Authorize Guns in Classrooms Is....
And an Indiana teacher was suspended with pay after writing message on the chalkboard in which he threatened to shoot his students:  ...
ProgLegs 03/09/2013 18 11 -
The Evening Blues - 3-8-13
A world-renowned physicist, Dr. Shiva also addresses the recent U.S. Supreme Court case pitting an Indiana farmer against the agri-giant Monsanto...
joe shikspack 03/08/2013 92 21 -
The Indiana State student and ATO Fraternity brother was drinking when he decided to put the gun to his head and pull the trigger. Police say he never intended to kill himself ...
David Waldman 03/08/2013 118 130 2
Kansas will let you have your abortion cupcakes, but you're still going to get cancer
Then there was the bill in Indiana requiring women to have not one but two unnecessary ultrasounds—before and after having a non-surgical abortion ...
Kaili Joy Gray 03/08/2013 58 52 1
Schools Defy Own Mission Statements to Support Hate Radio's Rush Limbaugh ProgLegs 03/07/2013 8 20 1
The Network for Public Education
Phyllis Bush, a retired teacher from Indiana, said “Public schools are under assault in this country.  Now more than ever it is imperative that concerned citizens unite to save the public school system.  Our group, Northeast Indiana Friends of Public Education, and other grassroots groups helped to elect Glenda Ritz to become our Superintendent of Public Instruction ...
teacherken 03/07/2013 8 29 1
AFL-CIO's Trumka calls for new strategies: 'Our basic system of workplace representation is failing'
No one thought industrial workers could organize. Then a man from a small town in Indiana, Eugene Debs, created a new model, a union of all railroad workers ...
Laura Clawson 03/07/2013 68 74 1


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