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I had a nice, simple diary started on First World Problems, then went to get K2 from school and saw something that gave me such a warm fuzzy I have to write about it.  Follow me below the dingledoodle squigglie dKosagnocchi dividerthingie fold after a word from our sponsor...

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It was about 10 minutes before K2's school let out for the day, and I'd walked over early because it was so lovely out (that and the roundtrip walk is ~1500 of my 10000-step Fitbit goal, but that's another diary). I saw a car stop in, not near, the crosswalk. Its driver got out and began talking to another woman on the sidewalk who was holding a clipboard. Then, this smiling little old lady slowly got out of the front seat while the two younger (and by younger I mean at least my age :-)) women opened the backseat doors. Three more little ladies, two even older than the first, were helped carefully out of the car. Walkers were retrieved from the trunk and, just as the school bell rang, they began their trek together to the side cafetorium door.

It was Special Primary Day here in Massachusetts, for the Senate seat formerly held by John Kerry, and they were here to vote.

That short stretch from sidewalk to door also is the path to the playground, and so I placed myself at the entrance to slow any exuberant students so eager to get to the slide or soccer field that they might accidentally bump the would-be voters. Once they made it inside, I wandered over to check on K2 and consider civic duty.

Those women easily could have said "Eh, it's a lot of work to get out and vote, and in a Primary no less." Many others seemed to have made that choice. I'd voted an hour earlier, and was ballot #174. There are thousands of registered voters in my ward. The polls had been open for 6 hours. It was a beautiful, sunny, reasonably warm day. The choices made in today's election set the stage for the June 25th election to fill one of our TWO, count em, two, Senate seats. All that, and only 173 others had made the effort to vote before me.

So many people find the time to complain about the state of government today. They mutter about "the people" having no say, or not being heard. Ask if they vote, exercise their Constitutional right to make their voice heard, and the two most common responses I hear is either "I didn't have time today" or "It doesn't make any difference, they're all the same."

I don't buy either of those excuses. I don't buy the one about "people just aren't into it after the Marathon bombing." Please... it matters. Post April 15th, maybe it matters even a little bit more. It matters... and these ladies made the journey in a cramped station wagon (seriously... imagine being in the middle of the back seat in YOUR 80's!) to walk at a snail's pace because they knew it. I don't care which party's ballot they chose; they fulfilled their civic responsibility.

Fifteen minutes later, the door was held open and the women began their journey back to the sidewalk. I'm sure I wasn't supposed to take pictures anywhere near the polling place, but it was too poignant to resist.
Voting photo 012crop_zps65727202.png

Clipboard woman worked to keep everyone steady and safe while parents kept their kids from bumping into the unsteady ones. The car pulled back to the curb, and the women piled back in. As it pulled away, I walked over to clipboard woman and said "Thank you, that was beautiful." She looked quizzically at me, and I explained "Helping those women get to the polls to vote."

"Ohh, the seniors all take it very seriously, they love to vote and we do what we can to get them here. Jane (name changed for anonymity) there, you know she's going to be 100 in August. You know what she said when she got into the car? See you in June for the Election vote!"  She said she'd been shuttling seniors to the polls all day; based on the number of lines on that clipboard, I don't think she was done yet.

I think I'm going to volunteer to drive people to the polls next time, if they can use a minivan. Or I can be a Clipboard Woman, too. No matter what, I hope Jane gets out of a cramped station wagon in June and once again schools remedial non-voters in the fine art of Civic Duty.

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ps - It's going to be Markey vs Gomez, the longtime Representative versus the political unknown. This has Brown 2.0 all over it and I'm a bit nervous. Markey better not f-ck this up.

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