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Christ marshaled his apostles to venture into the world to do good, sans guns. Why don’t we emulate?
Who can build that peaceful army of do-gooders? Only someone who can preach to the world.  
Is Stephen ready to lead the Colbert Nation to a better world?  Ask him what he’s going to do about this letter that was sent to his lowly paid interns several days ago.

Dear Mr. Colbert,

Yu da man!  To turn the America that never was off of its apocalyptic course, you know it takes more than donning a blue suit and red tie to deliver powerful, exquisite lectures a few nights a week.  To save the nation, you need The Nation.  And yu got da Colbert Nation.

Only you, or a few like you packing equivalent size, girth, and PAC funds, can give puppies to everyone and flush the earth off of its dysentery-greased, hatred-filled, Danteian spiral.  And maybe even elect your sister and get her to help from within that bewildering to even Confucius contusion of dysfunctional congressional confusion… Well, ahh, after forgiven sinner Sanford takes another Ap Trail hike.

No, not Nader and his bellowing, lamenting prayer in his Biblical-sized book, “Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us!”…

No, not Gates and Buffett throwing greenbacks into the kick-backing wind…  

No, in the end, only you and yours can save the world, because the rest of the world can’t think with the vision your steady beam of insights digitally flashes on the world.  In short, you’re too Camelotian far ahead of the rest of the BHP -- Bewildered Human Pack, whose bewilderment soars thanks to those prodigiously-dollared other insidious PACs. You are, as you definitively know, our hope for reviving Camelot.

In other words, you’re smart and the rest of the world’s plumb-bobbing dumb. Or, as the PCers would say, the rest of the world’s not yet adequately informed… Like “dysfunctional Congress” isn’t the same as dumb, stupid, really goofy… as any unhindered, insightful seven year old world say… Like “factually incorrect” in politics is, as any precocious eight year old senses, usually just flat-out lying.    

But we have an answer to help you save the world by “smartening-up” the “friggingly dumbed-down, frothingly stupid world,” as some
motley Dailey Show correspondents might refer to it.

Just as our second book, Every Town Needs a Castle, delivers an overwhelmingly compelling argument and diagrammatic guideline to building the richness of a Castle with its Sancho Panza spirit into every town regardless of rules, inhibitions, laziness, and planned dumbed-downess.  Well, our next aptly titled book in the Every _ _ _ _ Needs… series deals with saving the world, because it gives commonsensical reasons why we should introduce and enact People’s Lobby’s (PLI) American World Service Corps Congressional Proposal and is consequently titled, Every Country Needs a World Service Corps.

You’ve served alongside our warriors.  Why, you even bravely scalped your hair with them.  Then you disarmingly stood out from the crowd by leading the troops from a cross-haired battlefield stage -- thereby, above and beyond the call of duty, heroically challenging those cowardly snipers to stain red your blue-blooded American camouflaged pin-striped shirt.

Yu da leader who could make the America’s World Service Corps happen. You da man who could inspire and “engage,” as the Obama man is so wont to parlay, the legislation that could make the rest of America smart enough to combat climate change, reverse hatred, eliminate poverty… And you would have them do it with their hands, feet, brains, and heart, sans metallic guns and shrapnel parts.  

Then, with those mouthy complainers, you would just cockily direct them to put their agitated words to action serving in the buffed do-good agencies already running under the umbrella of the AWSC.  You would have built a national service corps wherein sweaty involvement would just flat out save our once emerald, blue-green world, where tidal waves once mostly stayed at bay.

You could show the world how America sends winning missions not bleeding missiles.

No wonder God led you to abandon running for President.  He wants you to apostlesize and lead the charge to build America’s World Service Corps (AWSC).  From that you will inspire all the other nations to replicate such do-good world-wide service corps warriors, and none will need claim PTSD from their service.  Fewer future warriors would have to continue their mission back home battling lost limbs, concussions, traumas, and missing jobs.

We, those with better than Lasik corrected 20-15 Ted Williams vision, can see the bigger picture and your future show now – The Colbert World.

Yu da man.

In order to begin saving the world soon – lest it be 100+ CO2 parts per million too late -- this legislative proposal needs a Grand Pubba of marketing, communication, and divinification.  Yu da man.  And you know it!

Imagine The Colbert Nation funneling a million Americans a year for 27 years into voluntary national service under the tutelage of existing successful do-good organizations.  

Imagine the worldwide inspiration you will ignite as you use the Colbert nation campaign to build an army of voters clamoring to enact the AWSC proposed legislation.  

As you buff the size and abilities of such AWSC organizations as Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, Habitat, Doctors Without Borders, Head Start, Red Cross, International Rescue Committee, Oxfam, Mercy Corps, State Conservation Corps, Jesuit Volunteer Corps, TechnoServe, Heifer International, FINCA, effective local non-profits, in-need schools, etc., the gratefulness of America and the world’s peoples  will mushroom organically, in contradistinction to the mushroom clouds other leaders seem to encourage.   

AWSC’s platoons of already functioning volunteers, working through Head Start and as teaching assistants, could lower class ratios and allow it to reach the other 50% of un-served Head Start children.  In urban areas, they could engage with local community development movements. In other areas, they could bolster conservation and public works projects.

Then, as the legislation is written to do, we will watch with pride how your verbal dexterity moves other nations to build their own World Service Corps.  You will have shifted the world’s overtaxed and bloody warfare distractions to cheap and lovely service corps games.

Instead of expensively outfitting with Star Wars uniforms, most of our AWSC volunteers will don t-shirts and sandals.  At home and abroad, more and more kids with food in tummy and smiles on perfect faces will proliferate.

Further out, as those sentient beings, yet unaccounted for in Biblical verse, observe from UFOs and galaxies far, far away… a universal stampede will require your show’s renaming to The Colbert Galaxies.  

Talk about ratings!!!  Your poor mundane-bound hero O’Reilly will need uncountable Killing of … books bought by conservative, logic lacking, thoughtless tanks to even touch your universe spanning tail numbers.

So many comfortably ensconced pundits have no clue.  You, on the other hand, are a doer who knows the needs and knows how to build the right army for today’s catty cataclysmic times.

For those not as prescient as you on such earth shaking movements as raised here, for those who need unkinking to grasp the momentousness of such earth rattling erections, we’ve left some linkings to make them more aware:

American World Service Corps Congressional Proposal or paste

And since you neither want to tax the guppies, minions, working stiffs, nor mega-rich, how about this Forbes solution to fund this awesome investment in Americans?

Peace Conference Novato

Coverage – print, electronic media

Links to 50+Opeds

AWSC summary info at

Rest the Colbert sabers.  Now you have a better way to save the world – with people trying to be as good and true as you already are.  Put the AWSC on your Crusade list and keep giving it the saber-free Colbert Bump until it becomes Galactic Law, giving the good Lord a reason to take his seventh day off.

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