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8:54 PM PT: I posted this without anything but snark and a good laugh in mind, and look how the comment thread devolved into a flame war while simultaneously chastising me for posting a piece of "tripe" flame-bait. There is literally nothing in this diary but moving pictures! No arguments. Nothing. All the arguing in the comment thread below this diary is coming from those who have axes to grind and needed a venue through which to project their pent-up crap.

This is the paradox of DailyKos. Be it a well-reasoned diary or literally a bunch of moving pictures with no text around it, this website cannot facilitate a decent discussion anymore regardless of what is actually posted. The most serious diaries on this political website are non-political.

If you want the flame wars to stop, don't go into a diary, call it flame bait, and use that as license to start arguing. That kicks the legs out from under your pedestal. Blog the change you seek to see. And lighten up. That facial expression of the lady in the first .gif is pretty damn funny.

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