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President Obama will give a speech on Climate today at 1:35 est.  You can watch at Whitehouse. gov.  I haven't read the entire 21 page plan(pdf) but you can read the fact sheet here(pdf).  David Roberts writing at Grist calls it vintage No Drama Obama and I agree.  It's sensible and focuses on what can be done now with only one branch of government on board.

Here are the bullet points:

1. Cut U.S. greenhouse gas emissions

    Clamp down on CO2 emissions from power plants.
    Spread renewables far and wide — utility-scale projects on public lands, solar on public housing, renewable projects on military bases, renewable electricity powering federal facilities.
    Make lots of things more energy efficient – appliances, big vehicles, federal buildings, multifamily housing, mortgages.
    Promote development of cleaner technologies — biofuels, advanced batteries, fuel cells, “advanced fossil energy projects” (scare quotes mine).
    Upgrade the power grid.
    Cut emissions of non-carbon greenhouse gases, like HFCs and methane.
    Protect and restore forests, which sequester carbon.

2. Prepare the U.S. for the climate change that’s already here or already unavoidable

    Help communities make their infrastructure and buildings more resilient.
    Help create “sustainable and resilient hospitals” that can deal with climate-related health problems and meet needs during disasters.
    Help farmers and ranchers adapt to drought and long-term climate shifts.
    Plan to manage drought, wildfire, and floods.

3. Lead international efforts to fight and prepare for climate change

    Work via the U.N. treaty process.
    Pursue bilateral initiatives with China, India, and other big emitters.
    Push to phase out fossil fuel subsidies.
    Stop funding new coal plants overseas, and help other countries switch to anything but coal, even if that means natural gas or nuclear power.

my emphasis

Lots of good stuff in there and also lots of nuts and bolts projects. Want a stronger climate plan?  Let's take back the house for a better chance of protecting our planet!

UPDATE check out lowkells diary with the scoop that Obama wants xl pipeline rejected!

11:16 AM PT: US will produce 20% less carbon within 7 years

11:18 AM PT: Good to hear about feds work with Floridas water

11:30 AM PT: We don't have time for a meeting of the Flat Earth it!

11:44 AM PT: This speech is out of the ballpark for us in climate/environmental movement

Pick it apart if you like but it's a great start.

4:24 PM PT: Did I imagine that the President took a big gulp of air and had a concerned look on his face when he talked about Florida? Bet he was shown the devastating article "Goodbye Florida" in Rolling Stone. Nothing like knowing you will lose a complete state to climate change.

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