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Another SCOTUS decision that benefits the GOP politically, another decision that narrows rights for voters, another decision that benefits the GOP over the American people.

The Tea Party in control of North Carolinastan just last week repealed a law so they could make it easier to execute black people. The tea party isn't racist they are just trying to make it easier to execute black people. Oh, and racism is over.

The runner up to the GOP Presidential nomination LAST YEAR said he doesn't care about black people and then corrected himself by saying he really meant "Blah" people. Because racism is over. And the guy who beat him, Mitt Romney, told people a lie during his Presidential campaign that President Obama had removed the work requirement for welfare and was giving black people free cell phones. Because racism is over.


REALITY: Striking down part of the Voting Rights Act is on the same level as the Bush v Gore decision, a decision by GOP nominated SCOTUS Justices that solely benefits GOP political aspirations.

And as Senator Coons of Delaware states on twitter . . .

By striking down Section 4 of the voting rights act the SCOTUS has effectively gutted Section 5. Deterrent doesn't work without section 4, so racism it up, the South, and keep printing school books describing the civil war as the war of Northern Aggression, you un-reconstructured wretches.

The ONLY people who think racism is dead in America are white republicans who are the greatest beneficiaries of white privilege in America.

You know when racism will be over in America? When white people start getting stopped and frisked at the same frequency as black people. And that should NOT happen, Stop & Frisk should be dead, because if we've learned anything from the IRS OUTRAGE by the tea party is is that the tea party hates when government singling out white Tea Party people for extra scrutiny (IRS v Tea Party) oh, but black people, muslims, latinos facing extra scrutiny, the Tea Party supports that because they aren't racist, they just want to preserve white privilege.

You know when racism will be over in America? When the South becomes Democratic again, that is when.

You know when racism is over? When black people can march down the street in mass clutching guns like the NRA does and Fox News doesn't go into a full CODE BLACK alert.

more below the fold . . .

When America has dozens of black Senators instead of 1 or 2, that will be a sign that racism is over.

When black people stop getting harsher prison sentences than white people, that will be a sign that racism is over.

But the meme that only white conservatives believe, that racism is over and therefore Rush Limbaugh can't be racist because Robert Byrd something something, that idea only lives in the Foxnewsiverse, in the real world black people vote Democratic not because they misunderstand the last 40 years of US history, it's because the overwhelmingly white, southern, rural GOP is so racist the only way we can build infrastructure in America is if we build an 800 foot long middle finger to Mexicans on the border of Texas.

And after waiting dozens of hours to vote in Florida to vote, if Republicans want to find out if racism is dead in America they should do something they only do at the Country Club when ordering a drink and try talking to a (gasp!) black person.

But that won't happen. Instead our Chamber of Supreme Commerce Court has decided that racism is dead in America because. Because why? Because admitting that racism is NOT dead would mean admitting the GOP used and still uses a Southern Strategy designed to pit rural white people against everyone else, but we can't do that, can we? Obama is ending work requirement in welfare? Remember that racist dogwhistle from the Romney campaign just 6 months ago? Pepridge farm remembers.

So the Supreme Court has decided that racism is over. Another incestuously amplified GOP concocted meme turned into legal rational by the Supreme Court justices who hang out with David Koch. Try asking a black person if they think racism in America is over. They'll be the people on the new extra-long separate but not equal voting lines in Florida come 2014 who will be facing a renewed Poll Tax called Voter ID laws.

This Supreme Court decision is on the same level as the Bush v Gore ruling, a partisan court ruling that benefits the Republican party and strips protection away from minorities who don't vote Republican and are consistently required to jump through hoops that white GOP voters in safe GOP districts never have to worry about. Racism isn't over just because a bunch of white Republicans say it is. Because in reality, if racism is really over, then the GOP isn't losing 98% of black people because the GOP is racist, they are losing 98% of black people because the GOP is full of psychotic assholes who only serve wealthy white people.

Rant off


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