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This won't be much of a diary...more of an FYI/share.

I consume almost all of my news online but hubs still loves the daily paper. As a result, I learned about this great ad that's running in several newspapers today, put out by the Freedom From Religion Foundation to counter an ad that's also running today, put out by Hobby Lobby. Needless to say the Hobby Lobby ad is " Jesus, America, Freedom" etc.

I can't get the image to upload to the kospics library but you can see it here and here is the description of the ad from the FFRF's website.

The ad is a direct response to a series of July 4 ads sponsored annually by Hobby Lobby since 2008, which shamelessly promote the myth that the United States was founded on God and Christianity. The large craft store chain’s ads of disinformation appear ti run in hundreds of dailies. Although FFRF can’t compete with Hobby Lobby by running ads in virtually every daily, it is undertaking the single most expensive ad campaign in its history to counter the Religious Right message.

The ads quote U.S. Founders and Framers on their strong views against religion in government, and often critical views on religion in general. The ad features two revolutionaries and Deists, Thomas Paine and Benjamin Franklin, and the first four presidents: George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.

The ad documents that not only is the U.S. Constitution godless, but that there was no prayer during the Constitutional Convention, and that the Constitution’s primary architect, Madison, came to oppose government days of prayer, congressional chaplaincies and even “three pence” of tax dollars used in support of religion. The ad includes a website link that not only documents the quotations, but takes the reader to the original script in most cases!

It's running in the NYT, LA Times, Seattle Times Albuquerque Journal, Chicago Tribune, Denver Post and Columbus Dispatch and is contracted to run in  Huntsville Times, Ala.; Orange County Register, San Diego Tribune, Colorado Springs Gazette, Orlando Sentinel, Louisville Courier Journal, Jackson Clarion Ledger, Miss., Charlotte Observer, Tennessean (Nashville), and Oklahoma City’s Daily Oklahoman. (Hobby Lobby is based in Oklahoma City.)

Needless to say heads are already exploding in places like "The Blaze" no doubt with more to follow. Funny how those who claim to love and revere the Founding Fathers don't actually like their own words. Kinda like their relationship with Jesus.

UPDATE: Sorry I haven't been around for comments. Was out enjoying some 4th sunshine but thanks to everyone who has read, shared, rec'd and commented.

Originally posted to The Underground Lair of Vita Brevis on Thu Jul 04, 2013 at 10:41 AM PDT.

Also republished by Street Prophets and Progressive Atheists.

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